Wednesday, April 23, 2014

SYW - Austrian Army - Fusiliers and Grenadiers of my own range

Manufacturer:  Dreispitz Miniatures
Scale:  28mm

Hi fellows,

again a lot of time had past by since my last post. But today I want to show you a lot of pics of some figures Krisztian painted up for me. Normally I like to paint my SYW-stuff on my own but this year I wanted to get some figures of my own range ready painted to show them on Tactica in Hamburg in order to sell some figures. As I´m a slow painter I sent them to Krisztian who did a very good job and the miniatures had been ready just in time. Unfortunately I wasn't able to drive to Tactica because of my second job that is playing in a band.

After moving to another place and getting the flat tidy and livable I just managed now to get the figures on their bases. I again decided to base four figures on bases 4cm wide an 5cm deep. Four bases are presenting a unit to use them for the formidable rules of "Maurice" from SamMustafa.

My range only has eight different poses: 
Grenadiers kneeling firing, standing firing, kneeling presenting arms, standing presenting arms.
Fusiliers kneeling firing, standing firing, kneeling presenting arms, standing presenting arms.

Krisztian painted up 4 of each type and I mixed two stands of each Grenadiers and Fusiliers so two units could be built.

So here they are.
Hope you like them. ;)

If someone of you is interested in buying some unpainted figures of my range please contact me by sending a comment including your mail-address and I will send you an e-mail back. 
One figure is 1,40 €.

Here is also a figure of a Fusilier I painted on my own. It shows the Bavarian regiment Minucci.


Sunday, January 5, 2014

SYW - A figure able to be used for different armies - Reverend Howard Whitehouse

Manufacturer:  Wargames Foundry
Scale:  28mm


may I introduce Reverend Howard Whitehouse to you?

I´ve decided this figure to be a Notable for Maurice which can be used in different armies. He got his name from the card deck of the ruleset of Maurice.

This is the game card from Maurice and the effects this card has on the game when it´s used.

And here are some more pictures of the figure. Sorry for the bad quality again. My normal camera is out of energy and would take too long to be reloaded. But I wanted to get this figure posted today.
So I decided to take the photos with my iPhone. I hope you´ll enjoy the pics though.

I built the rock using bark from a tree.
If you are interested in how I did that, just search in my blog for three tutorials I posted in 2012 about building rocks out of barks.


Friday, January 3, 2014

SYW - Prussian Infantry Regiment No.1 von Winterfeldt - WIP

Manufacturer:  FrontRank
Scale:  28mm


I´m happy to be able to publish another post within two days. 
So my good headers at least worked for three days. ;)

Though it´s only a single figure and not a whole unit (a test figure just to check the colors)  I decided to post this figure.
It will be the first one of a Prussian unit for "Maurice".
I bought a couple of 28 figures at CRISIS in Antwerp in November 2013 that have already been layered with primer.
If they hadn´t been already primed I would not have tried to get this figure painted as I want to finish other units first.

My stocks for a Prussian Army are quite good. 
I think I could raise about ten infantry units, six artillery pieces, two units of Cuirassiers, two or three units of hussars and a unit of Dragoons von Kleist.
The problem is the painting. :)

As I told in my last post I want to finish other units for my French and Austrian armies of the SYW first. 
I will do so, but I also will do some other figures in between just to get some variety on my painting desk.

The soldier belongs to the 1st Infantry Regiment, called von Winterfeldt from 1756-1758.
It was raised in 1615 and during the SevenYearsWar it fought at Prague, Rossbach, Leuthen, Liegnitz and Torgau.
It belonged to the Guards until 1713 when it lost its status. 

During the SYW it showed average performance but it kept its reputation for it was the oldest regiment of the Prussian Army.
The King Frederic the Great also has been a friend of its owner von Winterfeldt.

In 1806 it has been destroyed being a part of the Corps of Blücher.

If you would like to get further information just take a look at the sites of Kronoskaf:

Hope you enjoy the photos. ;)