Sunday, August 18, 2019

The Fort - Do it yourself

Hi folks,

again it has been a very long time since my last post.
Again I was busy and time for the hobby was rare.
But I have been creating some new things.

I always wanted to have a fort for my FIW-figures and for Muskets&Tomahawks.
I also wanted to have a fort that was not one block but that could be built up in different ways.
So I started a project last year and I think it was worth doing it.

The fort is made from coffee sticks and from wooden sticks of about 5mm x 5mm.
I broke the edges of each plank and gave them a structure by using a metal brush, so that the drybrushing would have a nice effect.

It took me a long time to realize this project and I want to expand this fort with some other parts.

For there are four towers on the edges the fort can only be build up in two different ways. So what is missing are some more parts for simple edges. I´ve done these corners last week and they only need to be painted

The fort is ready for action but I am thinking about doing some more expansions. Let´s see what would be next. :)


Thursday, July 20, 2017

Hobby in general - Modular tiles for a gaming table - WIP - Part one


in my last post I showed some pictures of a selfmade terrain plate for Dead Man´s Hand.

But one plate is not enough and I always have the problem that I have to use some boards that have the wright color but not the wright size. It is always tricky to form a suitable gaming table.

So I decided to produce some more plates in 60x60cm of size that are modular and would be able to be arranged in different settings.

It is a try for I never did this before. In the last days I often made up my mind how to manage this project because I´m not a carpenter but a simple account manager.

I love to work with wood and I also like to create or build something in compensation to my daily business.

So here are the first results of this Work in Progress.

First of all I organized some mdf-plates of 60x60cm size and 1cm height. Also I bought some wood affords.
These wood affords are 1cm in depth and 3cm in height. I cut these affords into 59cm length.

Then I drilled some holes into the mdf-plates and fixed the cutted affords of 59cm with small screws.

Tadaaah !!! :)

As the affords are 59cm and the mdf-plate has 60cm length I just had to fix 4 of these affords.

It overlaps only once on each side.

The finished construction. But I wanted more....

I just measured 1,5cm from the top of the construction...

...and just 5cm from each edge.
After that I drilled a hole into the afford on the marked spots...
...and just fixed a magnet into the drilled holes.

I just had to be careful to fix the magnets in the wright way to be sure that the poles would not repel themselves.

Five new terrain plates ready for further construction.

It fits very well - :)

Next step is to glue tiles of 58x58cm styrodur in 4cm heigth.

PVA-glue - the best to fix the styrodur.

The filled frame....

There is one part of styrodur missing. So the DIY-shop will see me again tomorrow.

To be continued....