Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SYW - Austrian Army: Hussar of the Regiment Nádasdy - WIP

Figure:  Wargames Foundry
Scale:  28mm

This is a work in progress. I painted a test figure of the Austrian Hussar Regiment Nádasdy. The base is not ready and also the pelisse is missing. The pelisse will also be light green with black fur and yellow buttons.

Unfortunately I had to recognize that the uniform of this regiment is shown in a lot of sources in very different varieties. Pengel/Hurt shows it different from Osprey, Osprey different from Mollo, Mollo different from Kronoskaf and so on. It seems that I always have a lucky hand. 
It´s much more easier to find the right uniforms for the Prussian army of the SevenYearsWar. 

I decided to paint the regiment in the pattern shown within this photos because I like the combination of light green, dark blue and yellow. 

This regiment took part in the battles of Kolin, Moys, Leuthen, Hochkirch, Kunersdorf and Landeshut. It also got into action at Burkersdorf and Peilau.

On this picture you can see the preferred caps I use for fixing my figures for painting. It´s a cap of a bottle of a very good franconian beer called Pyraser.

There are eleven more figures to paint to finish this regiment. It´s going to be great fun though I already have enough caps for fixing the figures. :)



  1. Nice work and the colour combo works!


  2. fantastic work! I adore the perfection you paint. My compliments. I am inpatient to see the whole regiment soon!