Sunday, June 3, 2012

WildWest - "Three Oaks" is growing

Today I´m posting one of my WildWest buildings I´m working on at the moment. 
This one is a building of the series of "battle flag". 
They do fit very well with the buildings of "Sarissa" (see one of my older posts on the label "WildWest").
I decided to name my future Western town "Three Oaks".

There are only two buildings ready yet but both of them will see action this month.
Three friends of mine and I will meet on the 24th of June and are going to play a WildWest game.
This is a period I never played before and I´m very interested in how this experience will feel.

I´m sure that this event will become great because one friend taking part is Michi (have a look at his great blog called "TableTerror") who´s buildings and figures are just eye-candy.
Another friend (Franz) is also a great painter but unfortunately he doesn´t run a blog.
Last but not least the location this game will be started is at Christopher´s (aka Axebreaker) home.
He is a great painter, too, and his wonderful minis can be admired on his blog "BunkerHill".

But before the game will take place I have to paint some models for it. 
There are already six different characters on my painting table. 

Each character does exist twice. 
There is always a mounted and a unmounted variant. 
I´ve already started one character today and it is great fun to paint these guys.

I will show the result of the painted guys on my next posts.