Saturday, January 9, 2016

A visit at the club of "Freie Zinnfigurensammler e.V."

Hi folks, :)

yesterday I´ve been to the club "Vereinigung Freie Zinnfigurensammler e.V." that I joined about 15 years ago.

At this time I was a collector of flat figures and that is what most of the older members still are.

I don´t know then but at some day my mind had changed and I wanted to collect and paint wargaming figures. For sure the shop "Eagle´s nest" in Nuremberg encouraged this change of mind very much. Thank you, Roland. :)

I remember the day then I was showing some 28mm wargaming figures of FrontRank at the club and I am still amused about the reaction especially of the older members with rolling and wide opened eyes. :) - it didn´t seem to fit in their universe of flat tin figures.

This is also about 12 or 13 years ago and times have changed extremely. 

Since a few years there are many different members showing their point of interests and though there are still a lot of flats (that I still like, too) you can have a look at some things belonging to wargaming. There are even not only tin figures but also plastic figures. 

A lot of the members are very good painters and I always like to have a look at their works.

Here are some pictures of the shown figures from yesterday´s evening. 

The last two pictures show Napoleon and his general staff casted in the 1930´s with the moulds of the company "Ochel" from Kiel. The figures are 30mm flats as all of the flats shown on these pictures are. The owner just sent them to a professional painting service in SriLanka and the figures are really great.

I like to meet the people there just to talk about the hobby and getting information about historical things for there are a lot of enthusiasts in the club, too. It´s always very nice there.

If you are interested into the club - just have a look at this link.



I like the ancients of Mr Mutzbauer very much and his style of painting.



40mm figures from Matthias Manske - here a link to his website


  1. Those flats are beautiful - especially the Emperor Napoleon and entourage set, really excellent. Get some gaming in!
    Best wishes

  2. Great looking figures, beautiful colors!

    1. Hi Phil,
      You are right. And these paint jobs give those flat figures a certain kind of fascination.

  3. Marvellous miniatures, a very interesting post. Thanks for sharing! Cheers!