Monday, March 28, 2016

ROME - Republican Army - Skirmishers

Manufacturer:  AventineMiniatures
Scale:  28mm

Hi again,

today I finished painting these six skirmishers from AventineMiniatures for my Roman Republican army. The bases are not done yet and also the varnish is missing. But the figures are ready.

I´ve bought the rules of "Steinhagel". That´s a German rule system dealing from ancient times to medieval warfare. It is kept simple but not too easy. I don´t have very much time to learn huge and intense rule systems so I will give this system a try. In my opinion it is better to have easier rule systems if you don´t have often the opportunity to play wargames. The more you play a special rule system the easier it is to learn about it. If your time is spare you have to deal with more simple systems.

In "Steinhagel" you can start with small units of three bases 4x4cm square. You can also have larger units but I´m just starting with the Roman Republican Army - so first smaller units to be able to play the games as soon as possible with painted figures.

The figures are from the brilliant range of AventineMiniatures and are fun to paint. The shields are made with the excellent decals of LBM studios.

These six guys are planned to be finished next. I hope to do so next weekend.

The four figures with the chain mail will complete my next unit - a unit of Roman Principes.
There are 8 figures already painted.
The two other men will join a unit of Roman Hastati - here I already finished two figures just to test how the figures could look like.

So I hope to be able to show you the Roman Principes in my next post.



  1. The colours on these velites are splendid!

    1. Thank you, Sander. I tried some more highlights on these figures as I normally do.

  2. Those are some great looking Romans Mike.


  3. Aventine figures are first rate and your painting brings out all of their fine detail.

  4. Well done on those Romans! The bright colours you used on their tunics are lovely.

  5. Very well miniatures are painted! Brightly, it is juicy-eye it is pleased!