Sunday, January 1, 2017

Dead Man´s Hand - A New Years Game

Hi all,

first of all a Happy New Year to everyone with a lot of health, fortune and success.
May 2017 be a good year with a lot of time for our hobby.

Today my nephew Andrè and I played a good game of Dead Man´s Hand in my man´s cave.
Andrè never played tabletop before and he had a lot of fun. I am sure that he will join some more games in future. I am also not very firm to the rules yet, so it was a test for both of us.

We just decided to play with two full gangs. Everybody had to kill all members of the enemy gang.
Andrè wanted to play Indians and I chose a gang of Cowboys. As I don´t have a gang of Indians of the Wildwest yet I just gave my Mohawks to him. So please don´t be confused if you see Indians of times of the French and Indian War fighting against Cowboys in the Wildwest in the 70´s of the 19th century.

Here are some impressions of our game. Enjoy. :)



The set of the game

The set part two.

The undertaker who would have a lot to do today.

Ready for Action.

The SassyGal Saloon I just finished last week.

Dolly Dalton - she won´t take part in the fight but she´s the newest civilian of the town.

My cowboys occupying two buildings shooting at their enemies. Both guys jam

Another two guys occupying a third building.

The Indians getting into position.

One of my Cowboys Managing to get close to the building occupied by an indian warrior.

A second cowboy joining his comrade.

What a brilliant shot - My Rancher lying dead on the ground. The chief of my gang has left the set.

My cowboy with his shotgun manages to enter the building. He shoots from point blank and gets a bonus of 6. But the card of Andrè prevents his warrior to die immediately.

Meanwhile another Indian kills one cowboy with a precise shot.

The indian in the building reacts on the shot by the shotgun with a melee and kills him.

Andrè again manages to kill one of my cowboys with another excellent shot.

The warrior in the building got support by another indian. But my cowboy shoots him down.

Another indian is knocked out.

This time the indians got a double jam.

Andrè was lucky and killed all of my cowboys and still had four of his warriors on the table.
It was a great victory for him. Congratulations and I will be prepared for revenge.


  1. It seems Andre should go to a Casino with his dice - he would be rich!
    Fun game, pretty village & figures too.
    Best wishes,

    1. I won´t tell him - maybe his luck would work there :)
      Thank you for your compliments.