Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Terrain - a first plate for Dead Mans Hand


this is about a first try on a terrain module for Dead Mans Hand.
A few years ago I got the hill you can see in the plate from a decoration team which decorated small electronic stores for a company selling electrical shavers and things like that. The hill was part of a decoration showing a winter's landscape and used to be flocked with white snow.

After this long time that has passed since I got the hill I just got enough enthusiasm to get this piece of terrain ready to be useful for tabletop gaming. I decided to use it for Dead Mans Hand and gave it a touch of a kind of desert.

It used to be a hill with a top without a path going from the bottom to the top. I created the path and also the stones surrounding the hill. At first I used real stones. But after a few real stones I recognized that the terrain would get very heavy. So I mostly used the bark of a tree, glued it on the terrain, just sanded it a little bit and painted it in a sandy beige tone. After that it took some steps of drybrushing and washings. Finally the terrain was ready to be flocked with different kinds of grass and tuffs

It c analso be used for SAGA - The Crescent and the Cross.

I´ve got the plan to build 5 more pieces like that but with very soft hills or structure so the buildings can be placed on.

Just have a short look at it. :)