Friday, March 23, 2012

SYW - Austrian Army: Hussar of the Regiment Nádasdy - WIP - Part 3

Figures:  Wargames Foundry
Scale:  28mm
Flags:  GMB Design

Today the postman brought the flags from GMB Design I ordered just a few days ago. 
As always - really cool stuff. 
I like the quality and optic of these flags very much.

I just bought some flags for the cavalry regiments I want to paint next and of course the flag for the hussar regiment Nádasdy that unfortunately still isn´t ready yet.

But I couldn´t resist to open the package with the flag needed for this regiment for the "Standartenträger" is ready. :)

This is how the "Standartenträger" and his comrade joining the same base are looking with the great GMB-flag.

Though I haven´t finished the whole regiment I was at least able to get the first half ready.  

Originally I didn´t want to post these figs before having finished the whole regiment. 
But the flags have been too seductive.

The rest of the regiment is still WIP, but it won´t take too long until they will be ready for action. 
There are at least another three horses ready waiting for their riders.



  1. They look wonderful Mike! GMB flags are quite simply fantastic!


  2. The flags add to what is aready great looking figures, I am sure it will drive you on


  3. Thanks for your comments. The next figure is going to be ready today. So this really drives me on. :)

  4. Dear Mike, also from my side a compliment about the - again - awesome quality!
    What disturbs me using the paper flags is that you see always the white edge of the paper. Myself, I do my flags with photoshop and have the same problem. So I draw a line with a Copic Marker in the umbre tone (Copic is the name of this marker). This special marker blurs softly into the paper´s pores and gives a warm, natural effect.

    Go on, Mike, you are a star in figure painting!

    1. Hello Peter,
      thanks for your compliment (blush - :) ) and also for the information. The idea with the marker is very good.
      As this won´t work with the flags already fixed on the figures I maybe will have to cut the edges with a nail scissor and/or have to paint the edges in a similar tone. I haven´t done that yet, but I will have to because the white edges don´t look as good as they should and that disturbs me, too.