Monday, April 9, 2012

Republican Romans
Figures:  Xyston
Scale:  15mm

Here are my first troops for my republican army. These figures haven´t been painted by myself. They have been painted by Krisztian Takacs, a hungarian painter. I got his address from my friend Uwe who´s collecting 1/72 historical figures and who has already sent quite a lot of miniatures for painting to Krisztian. You  can follow Uwe´s blog on my bloglist (history in 1/72).

To be honest, I couldn´t manage to paint my figures in such a short time in such a quality. Many Thanks to Krisztian. The figures shown have been a test to see how the units are going to look like. They look great and I like his painting style very much. 

The only thing I had to do was to base the figures though Krisztian also offered me to do this for me. I chose to base the figures suitable for Armati and Impetus.

As I got my rulebook for Impetus with all its 4 extra books this week I´m going to check next, how many figures I´ll need to complete my Republican Roman Army. Then I´ll send these minis to Krisztian for painting them.

As I have enough to do with painting my 28mm-minis I have chosen to get my 15mm-minis painted.



  1. Ah very nice job your friend has done for you! I've wanted to do a Carthaginian army at some point and now they would have an opponent.


  2. He really is a great painter eh? And you did a good job helping him with it.


  3. Those republican romans look very nice, a great work!