Sunday, May 13, 2012


Hi all!

Today I´m posting a little piece of terrain that I finished today.

I often thought of what to use for little terrain as bases.
And I also often thought of throwing away old and damaged CD´s.

So here´s a good idea of recycling (if you never ever thought of this by yourself - but I think many of you already did).

I just took one of my damaged CD´s, a piece of bark and some foam material. 

After glueing, painting, several dry brushings and putting on some grass, little flowers and a few trees (I think they have been from NOCH) here is the result.

The most time used for building is the time for letting the glue dry and also the prime color. 
After this step it´s a very fast process.

I haven´t tried yet but I would like to know how many terrain pieces of that kind I would be able to produce within 1 or 2 days. I will try next holidays. :)




  1. Looks good Mike, how about a step by step for us who don't know how


    1. Hi Ian,
      thank you.
      I decided too late to post this piece of terrain on my blog. It was already finished. So I just took some of the materials to show it.
      If you are interested in the process I will take photos of the next terrain pieces I will produce and do another post on my blog. :)
      But this could take some time. I don´t know then I will have time for it within the next few weeks.