Thursday, July 12, 2012

Maurice - Casualty/Disruption marker for Regiment LaSarre

Manufacturer:   FrontRank
Scale:   28mm

I just forgot to paint the needed casualty/disruption marker for the regiment LaSarre I had posted a few days ago. So here it is.

As one of our club-members of VfZ 
(Verein freie Zinnfiguren-Sammler -
used to say 
"Tote beleben das Schlachtfeld" ("dead one´s bring life to the battlefields") 
I´ll try to paint one casualty/disruption marker for each regiment I´m going to use for Maurice. 
I like these kind of markers much more than using paper markers or dice.

The rule system of Maurice says that each unit of cavalry and infantry breaks when it acquires its fifth disruption point. An artillery unit breaks when it acquires its second level of disruption.

Does anyone of you know various casualty figures for infantry, cavalry or artillery for the different armies of the SYW? Most of the manufacturers I know only offer maybe one or two different types for infantry (if you are lucky). I haven´t seen any markers for cavalry or artillery yet.

Please let me know.

Could be a market-consistent.  ;)




  1. mighty finer idea, I think I will be making some dials with the casualty figure on top!


  2. Nice work Mike! I plan on making a few myself.


  3. Great job, getting inspired to paint some of my casualty figures.

  4. Very effectual and realistic! I have some experiences with casuality figures by Matthias-Manske - they are well done, but in 40mm.
    Do you have experience with the Maurice game? I downloaded the lite-version and it seems to be interesting; a little bit quickly done and layouted and not free of mistakes. How are your impressions?