Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Maurice - Two Austrian units finished

Austrian Hussars of Regiment Nadásdy

Manufacturer:  Wargames Foundry
Scale:  28mm

Okay, okay....

I´ve posted six of these figures already a few months ago. But I just finished the last man for the unit today. 
So these troops are now at least ready for action for Maurice.

Austrian Infantry Regiment Wied

Manufacturer:  Crusader
Scale:  28mm

This unit can also already be seen on my blog. 
But it wasn´t ready for action for the basing wasn´t suitable for Maurice. 
So I had to rebase them. 
There are eleven more figures that already have been painted to build a second bataillon. 
I have to order the command figures from Crusader to complete these troops.

Thanks for watching the photos. :)




  1. Wonderful! Painting style, bases, all is perfect...and you are the king of the mustache!
    Great work!

  2. Wonderful work Mike! You have been busy!!


  3. You created again two splendid units! How stylish the Austrian army was with its trendy colours of Rococo! The green is very special and I wonder how you got this - marvellous!
    Go on Mike, you are such a talent!