Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year - and my first post for 2014

SYW - French Aide de camp

Manufacturer:  FrontRank
Scale:  28mm


"Happy New Year" and all the best for all my friends, followers and all of their families.
I hope you all had a lot of  fun last night and also that alcohol doesn´t cause too much headaches and pain today.

Following my good headers for 2014 I´m doing my first post on the first day of the new year.
In 2013 my ambitions to wargaming and painting lied fallow a bit and I surely disappointed some of my good  fellows and comrades, but resisting the circumstances I hope to do better this year concerning our hobby.

So what I want to do in 2014 is to increase my numbers of units for Maurice. 
There are too many units started on my painting desk and as always I don´t have endurance to keep on a certain unit till it´s finished.

Here is a list of units that are already finished:

The French:

1st bat.   Infantry Rgt. Rouergue
1st bat.   Infantry Rgt. LaSarre
2nd bat.  Infantry Rgt. LaSarre
2 pcs.     French Artillery

The Austrians:

1st bat.   Infantry Rgt. Freikorps Loudon
2nd bat.  Infantry Rgt. Freikorps Loudon
1st bat.   Infantry Rgt. Wied-Runkel
2nd bat.  Infantry Rgt. Wied-Runkel
1 unit     Border Infantry Rgt. Karlstädter Lykaner
1st sqd.   Nadasdy Hussards
1 piece    Austrian Artillery
1 piece    Austrian Command

That´s not to be called a finished army.
And it´s a real shame that I didn´t manage to end up a single unit in 2013 for the last unit I was able to get ready on the wargaming table is the Austrian Border Infantry that I painted up in December 2012.
And my stock of figures got higher while visiting Tactica in Hamburg in February and CRISIS in Antwerp in November 2013.

Here is another list of units I would like to do within the next two or three months.

The French:

1st sqd.    Dragoons Apchon    
(there are only three riders left to do to finish a unit of eight men)
2nd bat.   Infantry Rgt. Rouergue
1 piece     French Command

The Austrians:

1 piece     Austrian Artillery

Not too much to be done within this amount of time you might think, but for me it would be a great progress compared to the performance I did in 2013.

So - whining is enough.
Here is my first figure for 2014 - a start for 2014 is set and done.

This figure is an Aide de camp for my French Army for "Maurice". 
It can be used as Notable which are a part of the extented rules of "Maurice".
The figure itself is from FrontRank, the manufacturer who has a great share of my miniatures of SYW. I like the style Alec Brown did on these figures very much.

The photographs are not too good but also not too bad. 
The light is not perfect but I didn´t take the pictures in my common place there I have two lights and so exposures would have been much better.

So - I´m hoping to be able to do another post very soon.

Stay clean and wealthy ;)



  1. Very well done and good to see you back on the brushes. Looking forward to some games this year. Speaking of Tactica... shouldn't we start to plan the trip?
    Ein frohes Neues btw.

    1. Hi Nick,
      many thanks and yes, we should plan our trip to Tactica.

  2. He looks great Mike! I'm happy to see you picking up the brushes again and hope you continue to do so. I'm working on AWI for Maurice so we should have two periods to play with it and at the very least some big Imaginations games!

    I second Nick on the Tactica question.


    1. Hi Christopher,
      I hope to be able to continue. ;)
      Let us wait for Franz concerning our plans for Tactica 2014.

  3. Very nice work Mike. Have a great New Year

    1. Thanks, Andrew. All the best for you for 2014.

  4. Very nice - the face has so much character - he looks very stern. Dean

  5. Greate paint work !

    Happy New Year !!!

    best regards Michael

  6. What a terrific looking figure. I am very happy to have discovered your blog, and look forward to perusing it for inspiration in the near future.
    Best for 2014,

    1. Hi Michael,
      many thanks for your compliment.
      All the best for you, too.