Sunday, September 14, 2014

SAGA - The Crescent & The Cross - WIP

Manufacturer:  FireforgeGames
Scale:  28mm

Damn, they got me…..

Some of my friends started to play SAGA a few months ago and have been very impressed by the rule system. So there is no wonder that the current rule system for SAGA called "The Crescent & The Cross" found its way to the bookshelf of my friends - and also to mine.

The rule book itself and the different tables and special dice you need for gaming the Christian Armies.

A view into the book which is an eye candy.

I was able to resist the call of the hard plastic packs of FireforgeGames for years. But now I had to surrender and last week as I had been in Berlin for business I found myself in the Shop of Battlefield Berlin buying a pack of Templar infantry and also one pack of Templar Knights Cavalry - and the rules - and the Christian dice - and …

You can see the very beautiful figures on

There are also Teutonic knights and Mongols to find on

Though it is a little bit tricky to fix the parts of the figures it is great fun and so 10 figures of the infantry had been assembled very soon as I couldn't await to use my brushes on the first figures.

First of all I had to decide what kind of Crusader army I would like to paint up. After asking my friends about their thoughts it will have to be the Knights of the so called "Johanniterorden". The Teutonic knights and also the Templar Knights had already been chosen by two other guys. But I have to say that I´m happy about that as I like the uniforms of that Order of Knights.

From left to right: Knight of the Johanniter Order (ca. 1160) - a Templar Knight - a Teutonic Knight

As I know myself I will have to paint these guys quite quickly before other projects will be awakened again and will disturb my efforts on these army. But for SAGA you don´t need too many figures and so this time it might be practicable.

Here are the results on my first two figures - but they will need some more work though they are nearly done. The bases have to be finished, the self-made arrows need some more paint and the cloak of the first guy may be painted up black instead of brown.



  1. There is always something tempting just around the corner. Great start on these guys!

  2. Spectacular painting! Saga is a really fun gaming system, and that new book looks amazing!.Thanks for the sneak peak!

  3. Wow! These guys certainly look the part. Haven't bought the SAGA C&C yet but now I might be tempted. Ohhh no... not another project again :-)

    1. Hi Nick,
      Why shouldn't you share the same problem as me and jump from project to project. ;)

  4. He looks real nice Mike! Just like Nick I haven't purchased C&C, but I have played several games of SAGA and it is quite fun!


    1. Hi Christopher,
      I never played SAGA but I got informed that the rules must be very cool. So I have a reason to buy the figures from Fireforge at least. ;)

  5. These are lovely. I am sold on the figures, but waiting for 'Lion Rampant' before I get started! Nice post.

    1. Thank you Pendragon and also for being the newest follower of my blog.

  6. Seems to be really good games! I like your figures - again (as usual) wonderfully painted.

  7. C&C sounds as excellent as Saga is and the miniatures are an excellent start.
    Well done !