Sunday, December 13, 2015

Hobby in general - a box for photographing my minis

Hi all,

No, this is not a post about another project I´ve just begun. There is still enough to do on my prussian hussars and also on my hospitalian knights.

This post is concerning about a wooden box I´ve built for setting my minis in scene before photographing them. Why a box? - I hope that it will give more light for the pictures for they are often too dark or too shady.

So yesterday I bought me some boards and a light to get started.

Here is the result. In my opinion the light is not good enough at the moment and I consider if it would become better if I just would add two more little LED´s in the two corners of the box.

The box is not finalized yet. The background is missing for I want to have a sky with some clouds there. I have to search for a poster or something like that but until now I haven´t found a fitting kind.
Also the ground has to be prepared with sanding and some paint.

Here are some pictures of a first setting. It shows some samurai with two 4-Ground-houses I bought on TACTICA in Hamburg I think two years ago.

A bargain for I got these seven nicely painted figures for seven Euros at the show.

This picture is made without the light of the box but by using the flash of my camera.

Also only by using the flash of the camera.

And a third try without the light of the box.

Using the light of the box.

The Buddha and the tree are also from TACTICA.

The inside of the smaller japanese house.

The same house from another view.

The inside of the larger house.

And here is also another view from the inside.
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  1. Very nicely built Mike. The results are already much better.


    1. Thanks, Christopher.
      But I´m not happy with the light by now.

  2. That is a very nice piece of kit you've made. I have a commercial light box and it isn't nearly as big or as bright. Adding a few more lights will only improve it, I am sure.
    It makes a hug difference in your photos.

    1. Hi Michael,
      the box is 80cm to 40cm and 30cm in height and I´ve spent about 30 Euros on the material with the light being 18 Euros.
      The box needs more light. But the result is better than the photos before.

  3. Definitely an improvement over the old pictures. I'm curious to see the final results.

  4. Top notch technic, wonderful job!