Thursday, December 3, 2015

SAGA - The Crescent & The Cross - WIP - Part 5 - First knight on horse

Manufacturer:  FireforgeGames
Scale:  28mm

Hi again,

though I haven´t finished my SYW-hussars yet I decided to jump between the projects just to have more diversity and not to paint 10 figures or more of the same uniform.

Sitting in my man´s cave painting figures I always get aware of some other figures I want to paint for different projects. I think this is a phenomenon everybody of us knows. 

So I remembered that I started an army of hospitalian knights. Some of the riders stand unpainted next to my painting table and I wanted to paint just one of them.

I love cavalry but I don´t like to paint horses very much. But I have to say that the more horses I paint the more I enjoy it.

And here is the rest of the small hospitalian army.