Friday, November 2, 2012

SYW - Bavarian Soldier of Regiment Minucci

Figure:  Dreispitz Miniatures
Scale:  28mm

Today I´m posting a test figure for the Bavarian Regiment Minucci of the SevenYearsWar.
I want to paint this regiment as one of the next units for Maurice.
The figure is one of my own range "Dreispitz-Miniatures" and so this was a double test
 - painting my first Bavarian soldier and also painting my first own miniature.

The Bavarians fought on the side of the Austrians against Prussia and took part in the battle of Leuthen. But they also saw a lot of action on other battlefields of this war, too.
Further information about this Regiment and also about the whole Bavarian Army can be found here:

I would like to apologize for the bad quality of the pics.

And here are some more photos setting the figure in scene.




  1. Great work Mike, when are you going to sell your figures to us poor antipodeans ;-)

    1. Hi Dave,
      the figures are ready for ordering.
      Just have a look on my website
      Please feel free to ask if there are any questions concerning ordering or shipment.

  2. I like, the figures have turned out very very well. I second Dave's question, when will you be allowing us plebs outside of the EU buy your figures?

    1. Hi Phil,
      just the same answer as to Dave. Please just send me a mail for ordering. I will check the cost for shipment and will give you a reply how to order in best way.

  3. Very nicely done Mike!! Looking forward to seeing the whole regiment in person!


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  5. Your bavarian turned out really well. Even if I dislike those Saubazis :-P

    1. Hi Nick,
      Those Saubazis will get franconian conpanions, too. So this should be better then. ;)