Sunday, November 25, 2012

SYW - French Army - Dragoons Apchon - WIP

Manufacturer:  FrontRank
Scale:  28mm


parallel to the unit of Austrian Grenzers I´m also painting on a French Dragoon Regiment called "Apchon".
Here is a link to for further information.

These are the photos I made today.
I apologize for the quality. 
I took them in my cellar and the light is not very good there.

The following pictures show my gaming table that I integrated into my man cave.
I had the inspiration to place my already painted figures with some terrain in order to display a small battle.
So this is only a display for fun and not a review of a game.

A view over the battlefield

The Austrian Regiment Wied-Runkel is trying to march over the bridge.

Behind the bridge there is a French battery waiting for the Austrians and also a regiment of French infantry.

The French reserve.

The French battery fires at its opponent as they reach the bridge.

Regiment Loudon is assisting the attack over the bridge and is involving the French Regiment La Sarre standing next to the bridge into a firefight.

The French volley.

Here another perspective of the volley.

On the right flank the Nádasdy Hussars are trying to get over the river´s ford while the enemy´s second battery is shooting at them.

The second French battery hidden behind gambions.

The Austrian Commander in Chief is watching his brave troops.

Austrian Grenzers firing from the woods at a French regiment near the ford.
The Hussars´ attack under fire.

The French Dragoons covered by woods waiting for the Austrian Hussars in order to attack them in their flank.

Though the pictures are not optimal I hope that they work well to give an impression of the display.
Even if there is no time to play a wargame it makes fun to arrange the figures on the table.

This always inspires and motivates me to paint up the missing figures to complete the unfinished units.
It is great to see how the units grow on the table.



  1. What a great looking table, the lights not so bad, thanks for sharing


    1. Thank you very much, Ian. You´re welcome. :)

  2. Nice looking unit and great eye candy table set up!! The house is cool and I don't remember seeing that? Did you just get that?


    1. Hi Christopher,

      many thanks.

      I bought this house at the last Tactica. I hardly remember but I think I spent 15,-- Euros for that. It was a bargain and fits very well to my favourite period.


    2. Yes indeed that's a wonderful bargain!

      I plan on attending this 2013 Tactica so I'll keep my eyes open for deals like those!


    3. We are going to be at Tactica next year again. You could join us if you want to.

    4. Yes thank you as that's what I was hoping to do.:-)


  3. Great looking table. I look forward to your blog updates. Well done.

  4. Looks great! Like your table...
    I'll try to attend to the Tactica too but don't know if sparetime allows.