Thursday, November 7, 2013

CRISIS in Antwerp 2013 - Yes, we did it again !

Our weekend full of things to do for a wargamers joy - part one
(Belgium 01.-03.11.2013)

Hi all,

I´m happy that I´m able to post a new report on my blog since I have been absent here for a couple of weeks or even months.

But now I have a lot of material to show and the next post is planned within the next two or three days.
As you can read in the headlines this is the first part.
Just be excited about the second one - I´m sure you will be.

The reason for these posts is that Franz, Walter and I managed to visit the CRISIS in Antwerp for a second time after we also did this in 2012. 
We all remembered that in 2012 we almost ran from trader to trader and made big eyes not knowing there to leave our bucks first. 
This year we felt like "alte Hasen" and real routineers.
This means that we didn´t spend the money as soon as last year but in effect we left the same amount of money there or even more.

The show was great and we plan to be there again in 2014.
I was glad that WargamesFoundry was there so I was able to get some more Hussars for my SYW-project for the rules of Maurice.

The following pictures are just to give a little impression of the show.

If you like to see more professional pictures just click on this link:

In my opinion the most beautiful diorama at the show - but it also could have been because of the fact 
that it dealt with one of the periods I like most.

Maybe I will own such a superb ship in future.

The diorama was built by the "THS"-group from Germany. One of their members is the well known
fantasy-author Bernhard Hennen.

Funny details on the board.

The diorama had also a lot of terrain from GrandManner.
So it was a diorama deLuxe.

A lot of photos of this diorama but maybe an inspiration for enthusiasts of that period.
A game of SAGA.
Also very beautiful is this board showing Japanese Samurai.

Not my kind of cake but interesting to recognize what kind of figures are used for our hobby.

There was also a game with 54mm-figures dealing Renaissance.

Sorry, but I don´t remember the name of this diorama but it was also very pretty.

The Emperor himself having a look on the battlefield.

In my opinion almost the most beautiful diorama at the show - wouldn´t there have been the one of AWI.

Sorry for that ugly photo but it´s the only one I´ve taken from this point of view.

Another superb diorama concerning the Wars of Spanish Succession if I´m right.

The showcase of Gringo 40´s.

Gringo 40´s again.

And just another one.

The showcase of Redoubt Enterprises.

Thanks for viewing.



  1. Looks like I've missed quite a bit. To be honest I was quite annoyed by myself not to have joined in.

    1. Hi Nick,
      maybe we can fix it next year.

  2. Hi Fritz,

    so it was you who stayed rather long at our table and had an excellent chat?
    I recognised your Frankonian aaccent... ;-)

    It was very nice to meet you and I would really enjoy to continue our acquaintance at next Tactica or Crisis.


    1. Hi Stefan,
      Yes, it was me. ;)
      I would appreciate to meet you and your team on another show, too.

    2. So would I. Next thing on the schedule is Tactica 2014.


  3. Thanks for sharing some very nice pictures !!!

    Best regards Michael

  4. Very impressive, thanks for sharing!