Sunday, November 24, 2013

More models from 4Ground - WIP

Manufacturer:  4Ground
Scale:   28mm

Hello again,

this time I´m posting some more photographs from the fantastic lasercut buildings of the British company 4Ground. 

This company really seems to be one of the shooting stars as there had been a lot of traders on CRISIS dealing with their products.
I can´t remember that the buildings of 4Ground had been so popular last year.
In my opinion the prices for the buildings are also human.

As I told in one of my last posts I didn´t only buy the timber block house but also two other buildings, being two settlers log cabins.

After glueing the parts you can just use them on your wargaming table.
But for sure I will work on the bases and also on the roofs.
One of my next posts will show the totally finished houses.

I like the structure of the wooden blocks.

Each house is constructed so every single floor could be used.

Ideal for skirmishes.
You could also place little cannons on the first floor.
I would have shown but I didn´t find the shipguns that I have in my stock. :(

Another view on the first floor.

You can also open the door on the floor ground.

A view on the ground floor.

There is a lot of detail as you can see on the door.

One of the settlers log cabins.

The back view.

Again a picture with the roof removed.

Here also the door shows a lot of detail.

The second log cabin.

The front side.

A view at the rear of the house.

Both roofs removed.

A look inside the cabin.

Another perspective.
The cabins placed on the battle field.

My compliments to 4Ground.
I surely will buy other buildings and also furniture to set the cabins.



  1. They look realy good, nice that you got the 'swedish' cabin to:)

  2. Hi Dalauppror,

    please help me - what´s the "swedish" cabin?


  3. Great buildings, especially the block house.

  4. They look rather nice. Are the outer walls structured or are they plain flat?

    1. The outer walls are structured and that's another reason why I like these buildings.

  5. Very nice Houses! I bought them in 15mm, and they looked like yours 28mm ones! :-)

    The Tower will be the next, i will realize!