Saturday, January 3, 2015

AGEMA Miniatures - Republican Roman Velites - a review on the box

Miniatures:  AGEMA Miniatures

Scale:  28mm


first of all I would like to wish you a happy new year with all the best to you including health, fortune and success.

Again a long time passed since my last post on my blog. I even did not have a look at it, so I apologize also for not reading your own blogs either. I´m sure there have been a lot of posts on your blogs that I just missed and did not commentate.

As always in the past I would like to swear to do better in future - but I also think that this will not be possible.

I´ve been to the CRISIS in Antwerp in November 2014 with three mades and took some photos of the show that I will post within the next days. 

One of the things I bought in Antwerp was a box of plastic figures from a new (?) manufacturer called AGEMA Miniatures. I did not hear anything about them and maybe you also haven´t heard about them at all. Here is a link to their homepage:

It is a company from the UK and I could not resist to buy the box as I wanted to try how they would look like. So here is a short report with some photos of the minis. I haven´t painted the figures yet. I just want to present the figures to the people who could be interested. For those who are interested I also took two pictures of the AGEMA Miniatures next to a already painted Roman Legionary from WarlordGames.

So here they come.

The cover of the box saying it contains 16 skirmishers.

Unfortunately the 16 men have to be glued from 8 equal sprues, so there is not very much variety.

As the first two pictures have been very worse here are some close ups to the sprue(s). Here is number 1.

Close up number 2.

And the last one - number 3.

A ready glued figure. The shining parts are caused by using too much super glue.

The figure from another view.

And the figure from the back.

Figure number 2.

Also from the front.

And also from the rear.

In my opinion the figures are well sculpted. The faces are nicely detailed. The only thing I don´t like is that there is no great variety giving the box 8 equal sprues containing two figures. Of course you can change the bodies and give them different heads and change from the spear to the sword concerning weapons but that won´t give much more poses.

I don´t know about the other boxes, so maybe there are some command figures included there. In the box of the Velites there are only the tow different bodies included.

At the show AGEMA Miniatures also sold a single figure - a Velites Commander - which I also bought. It has a martial pose that I like very much.

The commander of the Roman Velites.

A close up showing the detailed face of the figure.

Here are two pics showing a comparison of AGEMA Miniatures to a Roman Legionary from the plastic range of WarlordGames. Though the bodies of AGEMA look smaller than the Warlord figure I think that they will fit very well concerning the scale.



  1. Wow, these look really nice - all the optional separate parts are a boon too. The newer generation of plastics keep getting better and better.

  2. I already had an eye on them for quite some time. Only the lack of different poses held me back. Looking at the figures you put together they seem to be very nice figures though.

    1. Hi Nick,
      I got a comment from Greg from AGEMA Miniatures (just see below). The variety is given because you can mix the figures with the box of legionaries. I didn't know that.

  3. Looking nice. I ordered some of the vixtrix Rome republic figures but have had my eye on AGEMA.

    1. You should keep your eye on the figures of AGEMA. I´m sure it will be worth it.

  4. Hi Mike,
    Good to see you at Crisis Mike, and thanks for the review. Just to add on the variety of pose point, the figures are designed to be interchangeable with the figures in our box of legionaries. In fact, there is one figure on the legionary sprue that can also be used as a Velus. All the weapons and arms are interchangeable, so if you buy the legionaries you'll have lots of spare parts with which to vary the Velites.
    Hope that's helpful?
    Greg - Agema Miniatures

    1. Hi Greg,
      thanks for your comment. It was very helpful and I will post it at my blog just to let the followers know about it.

  5. These velites look great, no doubt!

    1. Yes, they absolutely do, Phil.
      That´s why I bought them.