Monday, January 5, 2015

Our Trip to Bastogne

Hi again,

in my last post concerning the CRISIS 2014 I mentioned that my comrades and me also took a trip to a museum on our way back home from Antwerp.

The museum we visited is the Bastogne War Museum in Belgium (
It takes you back to the Battle of the Bulge and it is worth a trip.

You will see very interesting exponates and the films that are shown will make you be a part of the scenery. Most impressive was the film about the fight in the woods. Because of the trees surrounding the audience the viewer has the feeling to be in the woods itself with the fog coming closer to him and the sound and lightning of the grenate impacts is very realistic.

So, if you have the time to take a visit to the museum - just do it. You won´t regret it.



  1. Some impressive pictures! If I should get to Crisis this year I'd really like to visit that museum.

  2. If you are interested in WorldWar2 you should take a trip there, Nick.

  3. Thanks a lot for the interesting impressions. Normandy and Bastogne are definitely on my list to visit. Whenever...