Sunday, January 4, 2015

AGEMA Miniatures - Roman Republican Velites - for your interest


Greg from AGEMA Miniatures just left a very interesting comment on my blog concerning my review on the box of Roman Republican Velites. You all should know about this comment just to point out that there is a chance to give the figures more variety. In my blogpost I mentioned that variety of poses would lack. That´s not the truth. Here is the comment of Greg in original.

And here is a link to the legionaries´ sprue shown on the homepage of AGEMA Miniatures. I think this is the sprue Greg mentioned.

    1. Hi Mike,
      Good to see you at Crisis Mike, and thanks for the review. Just to add on the variety of pose point, the figures are designed to be interchangeable with the figures in our box of legionaries. In fact, there is one figure on the legionary sprue that can also be used as a Velus. All the weapons and arms are interchangeable, so if you buy the legionaries you'll have lots of spare parts with which to vary the Velites.
      Hope that's helpful?
      Greg - Agema Miniatures


      1. Hi Greg,
        thanks for your comment. It was very helpful and I will post it at my blog just to let the followers know about it.

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