Monday, August 13, 2012

Maurice - SYW - Austrian Command

Fieldmarshal - FrontRank
Grenadier - unknown (maybe OldGlory?)
Croat - Crusader
Scale:  28mm


today I want to post a CinC marker for my Austrian SYW that I finished today.

Every army needs his commander and I had to realize that I almost forgot to create a command base for our planned game on saturday.

The basing is not circular. 
I decided to use the basing mentioned in BritishGrenadier. 
This is the same as the basing for artillery (in BritishGrenadier): 6x7cm

This close up allows a better comparison to the next picture.
The picture is taken from John Mollo´s book "Armies of the seven years war".
FrontRank did a very good job in sculpting the figure of the Fieldmarshal. 
It has been a great pleasure to paint it.

I don´t know the manufacturer of this miniature showing an Hungarian Grenadier 
(Regiment Nikolaus Esterházy).
I think it could be OldGlory, but I´m not sure.
If someone of you should know the company please tell me.

The casualty shows a Croat of the Regiment Karlstädter-Likaner. 
I got some Crusader Croats this week.
These figures are intended for a unit of light troops.

And here a few more photos from the CinC.

Thanks for viewing.




  1. Absolutely beautiful and very well photographed too.

  2. Super work Mike!! All of it is good, but the face in particular on the Field Marshall is excellent!


  3. Again a wonderful masterpiece coming out of your production! How beautiful the Austrian uniforms were, it´s amazing. I like very much the composition you do with the different figures, and the perspective of your pictures. I feel like to be in there.

    1. Hi Monseigneur,
      thanks for your compliment.