Sunday, August 5, 2012

Question for missing figures

Hello everybody,

as you may have realized I´m starting a range of SYW Austrians in 28mm. Therefore I would like to know what kind of poses are needed to complete the ranges of other manufacturers. Please let me know. I just started a vote for that. You can find it below the listing of the followers of my blog.
It would be very kind if you could give me a vote.

If you have further ideas than the poses listed please let me know by a comment.

Many thanks for your support.



  1. I think more casualty figures are always useful plus foot and mounted aides de camp and officers for all armies.


  2. I'll echo everything that Christopher said. Casualty figs are needed and there's never enough variety of officers (mounted or foot) for any army. For poses, I certainly love to see battalions in the advancing pose (or even charging with bayonets leveled). I have enough in march attack. :)

    Regardless of pose, it's also nice to sprinkle a few figs getting shot or something else (maybe reaching up to find themselves without a hat) among all the march attackers. Helps make the unit look a bit more realistic and alive.

    I'm currently collecting Foundry Prussians and Russians for a future SYW project, and plan to move on from there with Crusader's Austrians. I'm very interested to see how your project turns out especially since you mentioned they will be compatible with these two ranges. Best of luck to you!


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