Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Starting with own figure range - SYW Austrians

Manufacturer:  "Dreispitz Miniatures"
Scale:  28mm

Hi all,

today I want to give a short overlook on the progress of my own figure range I want to release.

As I already told in a former post these figures aren´t sculpted by me. 
I won´t be able to do that.
The name of the sculptor is Ingo Gohlke and the figures are going to be casted by Ulrike and Jörg Schilling.
So they will be totally "Made in Germany".

The photos do not show the final result yet.
But please feel free to post your thoughts on these minis.
I would be very interested in your assessments.

I thought that the name "Dreispitz Miniatures" would be very suitable.
It´s similar to my blog´s name and matches the chosen period best.
I´m a great fan of the period the tricorne (=Dreispitz) had its great time.
Maybe I shouldn´t have been watching the movie "The crimson pirate" with Burt Lancaster so much often then I was a little boy.
I think this is one of the movies that shaped my favor for the 18th century the most.
Casting and gaming tin soldiers of the "Prince August" and "Nürnberger Meisterzinn" figures did its rest.



  1. Looking very promising indeed and you have my critique from Saturday.


    1. I talked to the sculptor on Tuesday evening.

  2. Very nice! Add a lot of poses that are very cool. In terms of scale, what do they match up to best? They look like they would fit with Front Rank and Crusader 28mms.

  3. Great! I'm in. All I'd ask is for a little variation in the poses. Moving a head, hands or legs allows for this variation. Otherwise every one in the standing fire, kneeling, present etc, will be the same.