Friday, August 10, 2012

Maurice - SYW French Regiment Rouergue

Manufacturer:  FrontRank
Scale:  28mm


my French army for our first test game next saturday is still growing. 

 This time I finished the first battalion of the French Infantry Regiment Rouergue. 
Again there is a disruption marker included.

I love the figures from FrontRank very much. 
The only thing is the lack of different poses also concerning the officers.
So I decided to try two other conversions. 
On the left of the picture above you can see the NCO that used to be a artillerist.
I only had to change the sponton and also had to sculpt a crest plate.

The other conversion is also a french artillerist who got a sabre and also a crest plate.
The only thing I didn´t change was the head.
I think this conversion works quite good.

The regiment was raised in November 1667, consisted of two battalions and served its duty during the War of the Polish Succession on the Rhine and the Moselle from 1733 to 1735. 

During the Seven Years War it took part to the battle of Minden, to the battle of Warburg and to the battle of Vellinghausen.

The second battalion is on my workbench but I will have to finish some other units for the Austrian Army first otherwise our test game won´t have enough painted units for this event.

Thanks for viewing.




  1. They look just wonderful Mike! The conversions worked out just great!
    Are we going to have too many French on the 18th?


    1. Hi Christopher,
      thanks for compliments.
      I don´t think that there will be too many French units.
      I´ve finished three infantry units so far and also two French Artillery units. I won´t be able to finish the cavalry. I just started yesterday with giving them the primer.
      The Austrian units will be 4 infantry (two WIP), one artillery and also one cavalry.
      I think this will be enough for our first game.


  2. A great unit! Painting style is wonderful!