Monday, April 12, 2021

Some more modules from Tabletop-Modellbau have arrived

Manufacturer:   TabletopModellbau

Scale:  28mm


today´s post is about the new modules from Tabletop-Modellbau that I got by post last week.

The manufacturer published some new modules for lakes and a new waterfall. As I had seen these modules I immediately ordered them for my terrain setting for Muskets&Tomahawks as I had some new scenarios in mind that could work quite well with these new modules.

The seven new modules I got last week.

Last saturday I had some time to arrange a new layout including the new modules. As always I recognized that I should have ordered some more of them. :)

This arrangement with all its placed units and models is was just for fun to bring the terrain to life.

This is how it looks like while arranging a new setting.

This is the result after about 90 minutes.
Just to arrange all the hills, lakes and the river.

The next step is to place the trees and all the rest of the terrain like further stones or houses.

Another 30 minutes later it just looks like this.

Another view.

And when from the opposite side.

And another one.

The fort held by the French.

A detachment of British Regulars.

A French officer giving his orders while a preacher gives them a blessing.

A unit of French soldiers is taking position.

Another view from the fort.

An indian warband has set fire to a watchtower that is controlling the one side of the bay.

The watchtower on the other side is also under attack.

The first piece of French artillery firing on the British landing boats.

Candian and Indian canoes following the river using the new waterfall.
This module is ideal for chases.

The second piece of artillery also in action.

Hope you enjoyed it. :)



Saturday, December 26, 2020

SYW - Karlstädter-Lykaner - Reinforcements for an existing unit

Manufacturer:  FrontRank Miniatures

Scale:  28mm

Hi again,

a few years ago I have built up my Austrian Army to fit the rules of Sam Mustafa´s "Maurice". The units existed of four bases with four figures each concerning the infantry and four bases with two figures each concerning cavalry.

As my comrads are more likely to play using the rules of "BlackPowder" I had the problem to increase my units to give them a better look. As I like my regiments to carry their flags in the middle of the unit I decided to give my regiments one more base. 

My Grenzers also had only four bases with three men each and so I had to paint up three more figures.

The unit existed of figures of CrusaderMiniatures and as I didn´t have some more to paint them up I wondered if the figures of FrontRank would fit - and in my opinion they do fit very well.

So the reinforcements for my Grenzers are made of FrontRank Miniatures.



Friday, December 25, 2020

SYW - Commanders for my Austrian Army - Baron Ernst Gideon von Loudon

Manufacturer:  FrontRank Miniatures

Scale:  28mm


here is the third and also the last of the three brigade Commanders I needed for my Austrian force for "BlackPowder". Now it´s done I will be able to place at least three brigades of my Austrian Army.

This time the Commander is the FrontRank figure of Baron Ernst Gideon von Loudon.

I love the figures of FrontRank very much as the poses are excellent and the figures are really fun to paint.

As I love to create little dioramas concerning the bases of the Commanders this time I had a little problem.

The figure of Loudon is looking upride while he is waving his hat and now the challenge was to give him a suitable counterpart. Ok, maybe I should have placed another Cavalry figure, but I didn´t have one.

As the aristocrats and people in the 18th century had been very godly my first idea was to build up a cross. Loudon´s pose would look like he was praising the Lord and asking for the Lord´s help in battle.

But in BlackPowder the Commanders sometimes are moved to units with the order of "follow me". It might look strange if the cross would walk with Loudon around the battlefield.

The second thought was to place a flagbearer next to the General and now Loudon is waving his hat to honour the insigns of the crown represented by the flag.

Both ideas in mind I decided to put some magnets on the base next to Loudon and so I am able to do both - placing the cross or the flagbearer.

Hope you like it.