Thursday, April 7, 2022

Muskets and Tomahawks - Reinforcements coming by boats

 Manufacturer:    RedoubtEnterprises

Scale:   28mm

Hi again,

after a busy day of working in my home office I was rewarded by the postman bringing me some reinforcements for my FIW-project using the rules of "Muskets and Tomahawks".

A friend of mine paints a lot of figures for me as I am a very slow painter and the pile of shame is enormous.

So today a package of his latest paint job arrived and I am really excited about the result.

We already had a game with British forces landing on the shore and trying to defeat a French fortification. But these had been simple boats with figures within. The game looked great, but I wanted to get it perfect dreaming of models of landing boats bringing British grenadiers to their landing point as it happened in the night of September 12th in 1759, the night before the battle of the Plains of Abraham.

So the boats from RedoubtEnterprises had been a "must have" for me to give the gaming table a better look for the next upcoming landing scenarios.

Thank you Krisztian for doing such a great job on the figures.

Friday, March 11, 2022

Muskets and Tomahawks - The finished trading post and its keelboat

 Manufacturer:    Trading post - do it yourself           Keelboat - Sarrissa

Scale:    28mm


after having shown some pictures of my selfmade trading post and the modified keelboat a few days ago, that still lacked paint I am posting some pictures from the finished models today.

Now both models are ready for their first admittance and action in our games of "Muskets and Tomahawks".



Muskets and Tomahawks - Some new figures for my gaming table

 Manufacturers:  NorthstarMiniatures, RedoubtEnterprises, Madox3DDesign

Scale:  28mm

Hi again,

Seems to be that I have to do another post about some of my latest works. :)

Today I am posting some pictures of some figures I painted up within the last two or three months.

As you can see I am a very slow painter and I also must be inspired and in the mood for painting.

But the result is not too bad I think. :)