Saturday, July 23, 2016

"Stop, oh yes, wait a minute Mr Postman" - New pieces of terrain arrived

Manufacturer:   TableTopModellbau
Scale:   28mm


I´m sure that almost all of you know the song from The Carpenters.

I just sang this song yesterday as I got information by mail that my next pieces of terrain I ordered at would arrive the same day. The date was perfect as I had my last working day and now will be on holidays for the next two weeks. What a lucky day.

The new tiles for my terrain.
In one of my last posts I already showed some photos of the other tiles I got from I just combined the new pieces and created a new scenery. Here is the result.

I decided to get some figures on the scenery. For I used ACW-minis last time I now placed my SevenYearsWar regiments, my favorite period of time. I should buy me a better camera or stop drinking. :)  After the shooting I realized that I have shaky hands. :)