Sunday, June 14, 2015

SYW - Prussian Army - Seydlitz hussars - HR 08 - WIP part two


as I told you in my last post three horses had been missing for the unit. I managed to finish them last week but as we took our trip to Rhodes for holidays I wasn't able to post some pictures of the results.

So here are the horses in full strength.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

SYW - Prussian Army - Seydlitz hussars - HR 08 - WIP part one


after presenting my test figure for this unit in my last post I will give a short status quo of how the work on the regiment is going on.

Until now I´ve just finished the test figure and fixed the pelisse. There are also four more horses ready and waiting for their riders and also their basing.

I will give the regiment 8 men on four bases suitable for the rules of "Maurice".

So here are some pictures about the actual WIP. I hope to get the missing three horses ready till Friday night as I will be on holidays in Rhodes next week. :)

Sorry for the bad quality of the photos.



The test figure and the five ready horses.

Another point of view.

The white or grey horse is a trial - maybe I´ve seen "Pipi Langstrumpf" a little bit too often as the horse looks like hers in the movies :)

The next three horses to paint up.

The missing riders.

The pelisses for the riders.