Sunday, June 25, 2017

New troops for Napoleonic Wars


a few months ago I´ve sent three units of French Napoleonic Cavalry to a painting service.

It is a unit of French Hussars, one unit of Cuirassiers and also one unit of Dragoons. I also accompanied  Napoleon himself.

The figures are Perry Miniatures, but I am not sure about Napoleon.

I just got the figures back about one week ago.

I like them very much but the camera did not work as I wanted it to do.

Hope that the pictures are doing well though.

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Monday, June 5, 2017

Muskets & Tomahawks - WagonTrain for Fort Hope - Game review

Manufacturers: FrontRank, RedoubtEnterprises, Conquest, Perry
Scale: 28mm


Today´s post is about our last game of "Muskets & Tomahawks". Walter, Gerhard, Sebastian, Franz and I met to play a scenario we had in mind.

Some british troops (2 units British regular infantry, 1 unit light infantry and 1 unit mercenaries) had to escort a wagon train with supplement for a British fort along the Ohio river. 

The French had to stop the treck. Wherefore they had built a force consisting of 1 unit of French Regulars, 2 units of Canadians and 2 units of Huron warriors.

The setting of the scene.

The woods the wagons had to pass - this just shows a picture before the game started.

The fort the track had to supply.

A closer look to the fort.

We decided that the wagons would be activated by the "civilian"-cards within the card deck.
If they were hit by enemie´s fire they had to test whether they will be steady or whether they would get into panic. Panic would mean they would have to test there the wagons will move.

The French will entry by both sides and the British had to entry on the top side.

The British soldiers within the fort (4 soldiers for decoration) also could be activated if some French units would appear on the riverside of the fort.

Walter and Gerhard chose the British units. Sebastian and I wanted to play the French for both of us had a own indian war band we wanted to see in action.

The French Regulars taking advance.

Just a closer look on the French.

The first indian war band appearing.

Sebastian´s indians approaching on the other side of the woods.

Walter´s light infantry awaiting my hurons.

The first fire fight.

Walter splitted his unit to shoot at both indian units.

The next British unit was one of the Regulars that immediately got into firing line shooting at Sebastian´s war band.

The first casualty. And also the first test. 

The result was a flight and Sebastian´s could not be activated in this round anymore.

The second volley of the light infantry on my indians.

Walter had a lucky hand and my indians also disappeared from the table. No more activation until next round.

Now the second unit of British Regulars got into action.

The appearance of the Canadians.

The Mercenaries opt Gerhard supporting the first Regular unit.

Two firing lines awaiting the Canadians.

The second unit of Regulars on their way.

The first Regular with its second volley.

Again a loss on the French forces - and another moral test.

Same result as the former tests - a flight of the unit. Sebastian and I could not believe it.

The French Regulars getting into fire position awaiting the British forces. The muskets had been loaded and ready for fire.

The only left unit for this round of the French light infantry starting a fire fight with the Mercenaries.

The first casualties on the British forces.

Now the first wagon appeared.

Immediately followed by the second wagon.

Second round - and time for the Indians to get back on the scene.

The indians on the other side of the woods.

Again Walter sent a volley with deadly fire.

Same result as in the first round - a flight of the indians on the right flank.

First shooting of the indians on the left wing at the second unit of British Regulars. Without effect.

The British firing back. Also without effect.

The French Regulars getting into action.

The setting of the British forces after all wagons had been activated.

Another French volley.

The Mercenaries got more casualties.

A look from an eagles view.

Walter placing the wagons after activation.

One of the war bands awaiting the British light infantry in the woods while the French Regulars shoot at the British Regulars.

Getting ready for a fierce fire fight within the woods.

The British forces seemed to be unstoppable.

The wagons covered by the Regulars.

Sebastian´s French Irregulars firing at the wagons. The result was a change of direction.

The second wagon getting uncontrolled.

The firing caused a chaos on the wagon treck.

The light infantry in combat with the hurons.

The wagon managed to get under control again but the losses on the Regulars got immense.

The power of the British firing lines had been broken. Only one unit had 6 men left to form a firing line.

The British soon would have to test their moral for they had a lot of casualties.

The last British firing line causing the French Irregulars to retreat.

The British leading officer got shot.

The courageous Hessian officer getting into melee with a French soldier.

That´s the stuff heroes are made of.

The wagons reaching the bridge.

The Hessian officer got killed in action and immediately the French Regulars got into fire fight with the British light infantry.

After the morale test initiated by the card deck there was only one more unit left. A single Hessian soldier on his retreat.

Also the wagons had to retreat. There was no more chance to reach the fort.

After a unlucky start for the French they were able to destroy the British forces. 

It was a really funny game with a lot of unexpected situations. Both sides had great losses and only the fact that the British had to add their moral card a round earlier than the French enabled the French and the indians to win the fight.

The rules of "Muskets & Tomahawks" had worked great again and there will be another game soon.