Friday, September 6, 2019

FIW - Corn plants for the gaming table


I have seen a post on a Facebook group concerning corn plants.

These are from JTT, an American Company producing different things for model railways.  

So I started searching for a German distributor selling those plants and finally found it in

I just got me two packs in scale HO (30 plants per pack) and another two in scale O (28 plants per pack).

They look great. A few years ago I posted a tutorial on producing corn plants. A fiddly thing and so I was lucky to find similar plants ready for gaming.

I decided to base them using only one plant per base (1,5 - 2cm washers). Sounds strange but the reason for this decision was that I wanted to be able to place the figures within the field without having large pieces of plants to be lifted. It was meant for skirmish games like „Muskets&Tomahawks“ and in my opinion it works very good.