Friday, October 18, 2019

"The Fort" - not by Bernard Cornwell, but by Mike Spanuth

Manufacturer:   DIY - so it was me :)
Scale:   28mm

Hi again,

in this post you will find some more pictures of my selfmade "Fort" for the French and Indian War.

I started this project last year in July and the fort had already been finished in October or November last year as I remember. I wanted to have a modular fort so I could arrange it in different ways for different sceanarios. Once a larger one and once a smaller outpost. That was the idea and here is the result.

The "Fort" with the elements I produced last year - though there are 2 further wall sections missing on this picture.

After having finished the moduls of last year I recognized that the produced moduls won´t allow many variants in arranging the fort. The picture above shows the smallest version of the "Fort" with the first elements. I wasn´t able to create the fort without using the tower sections. For some scenarios this might be too large.

So - what to do - I had to produce more moduls in different shapes. And this is the result.

Though the fort is "ready" now, I am sure that there will be some more elements that I want to make.
I have shown the new elements in one of my last posts. This time they are finished with painting an basing.

The newest elements for the "Fort" - 4 edge sections, 1 edges section in vauban style and a octagonal supplement for just one tower. The wall segment and the tower in the background had been ready last year.

The fort now has the following elements:

8 straight wall sections
1 gate section
4 edge normal sections
1 edge section in vauban style
4 towers with removable roofs
1 supplementary octagonal floor for the towers, also with removable roof
1 officer´s cabin, also with removable roof
1 flagpole with a British flag waving in the wind

One tower with the supplementary octagonal floor.

I am happy because of the fact that this is a modular terrain. This means that I will be able to work on extensions if I want to, but for it is already ready for action I won´t have to. 

What could be next is 

1-2 damaged wall sections
1 further gate segment (as I would be able to place even two forts on the table)
1 building for normal soldiers
1 combined building including a small stable for the officer´s horse and a magazine

What should be next is

at least two further flagpoles - one with a French flag and one with a Continental flag for AWI

That is what I might do if I have the inspiration. 

I would be glad if I was able to say this about other projects. :)

Here are some pictures of the possible combinations of the elements of the "Fort".

Please notice that these pictures are just for testing the possibilities and they don´t have historical background.

One of the "normal" towers. 

The same tower combined with the octagonal extension.

Though this combination does not make any sense because of a missing gate section -
a combination test with several elements.

The same combination extended with the octagonal floor.

The smalles version of the "Fort".
This version would not be able to create just without the new edge sections.
The towers don´t fit close to the officer´s cabin, but the edge segments do.

The smallest version with just one tower.

Here the same combination with the octagonal extension.

Though I am not sure if this vauban style segment is historically correct - I like it very much.
Just a little larger variation.
The following pictures just show the other possible combinations. 
I am really happy with the result.

This picture shows the largest possible combination - at the moment :)

As I got a lot of positive comments within several Facebook groups the only thing I missed was to make moulds of this segments just to cast the segments and to sell them. 

Who would be interested?

While writing this post I have a lot of further ideas for more segments. So - maybe to be continued.




  1. That is one stunning piece of work Mike! For sure one of the most impressive F&IW tables I've seen to date. Wonderful!


    1. Hi Christopher,

      many thanks for your compliments.
      Your opinion is very important for me as you are a great and very experienced tabletop gamer and good friend.

    2. Thank you Mike very kind of you to say and your table set up is fantastic.


  2. Fantastic work!! My only suggestion would be to recommend you make the magazine a separate piece as most of them were.


    1. Hi Jim,

      yes, I thought about that, too. If I am going to produce a magazine it will made of stone, not of wood. And it also will be placed as a separate piece. I have been to Kanada this year and had the chance to visit Fort Henry where I saw such a magazine of stone.

  3. Great stuff! A good idea very well executed.

  4. Looks just ace Mike! Probably the best Fort out there.

  5. Very nice work, Mike. Much respect from Peterborough Wargames Club (in the UK).
    Colin Brett (Club Secretary)