Monday, November 30, 2015

ACW - Louisiana Tigers

Manufacturer:   Perry Miniatures
Scale:  28mm


a few weeks ago I received about 40 painted Zouaves from my Hungarian painting service.

He did, as always, again a very good job on these guys. 

I send the figures to him prepared with a primer and also fixed on washers.

After getting the figures back I put four of the figures on their bases measuring 40x50mm.

And here they are. Sorry for the low quality of the pictures. I will have to buy a new camera and also will have to build up a case where I can place the figures with a little scenery and also with perfect lighting.

The barn is self-made and about 10 years old. It is my first try to build houses on my own.

A good moment to show the two grizzly-bears I painted up about three or four years ago.

I couldn´t resist to make a little parade of all the confederates I already have within my collection.
Ok, artillery is still missing to complete the troop types.

I love the confederate cavalry. They look great with their grey coats and yellow facings.

Last but not least here comes the infantry.