Monday, June 27, 2016

Hobby in general - Pieces of terrain - WIP


Pieces of terrain:   TabletopModellbau and also selfmade
Pieces of Vauban Fortress:  selfmade
Scale:  28mm


Again long time  has passed since my last post. To be honest I didn't paint very much figures within the last two months.

But I bought me some pieces of terrain that are worth their price. These tyles are 20x20cm and you can build modular terrain. The manufacturer is called "TabletopModellbau" and offers a variety of moduls in a very good standard. Just have a look at his site

The sections can be build to several levels by just putting a piece of styrofoam of 4cm height under the specific piece of terrain. There is also a piece of terrain of 60x60cm that I have in WIP at the moment. I want to build it in a suitable way for the ones that I have bought.

In the pictures below you can see the blue styrofoam that I cut with my new thermocutter from proxxon. This is also the next part of  this post. I'm trying to build up a Vauban fortress out of styrofoam. The first parts have been done and I think they have been the most difficult to build. As it was my first try I have to say that I now know a simplier way to build the angled sections. But I think that every one has made such experiences in our hobby or elsewhere.

So here are the pictures of the terrain I couldn't resist to set in scene though there is still work left to do and also some more sections from TabletopModellbau have to be ordered. There are some more riversections and hills missing. :)

The sections of Tabletop-Modellbau mixed with a WIP-section of 60x60cm (the one with the tower on it).

Another view - here you can see the blue foam I used to lift the seperate sections on different levels.
As there are some more river sections missing I just used some parts of JR Miniatures I have within my terrain collection.
This would also work very well but I like to have it all in the same style.

The whole scenery.

The Confederates awaiting the NewYork Zouaves.

The fences are selfmade.

I also will have to get more cavalry. :)

The Lousiana Tigers on their way.

Another Regiment is advancing.

Still something to do on the bigger section - sanding, painting and flocking so it would fit to the sections of Tabletop-Modellbau.

A close-up of a section from Tabletop-Modellbau - even the Grizzlies like it.

The single sections fit very fine so you can create a terrain you like.

The waterfall was a section I had to order - the price is about 23,-- Euros.

My first try with styrofoam. It could be better but also much worse.

The four edges are already done and also two straight ones. The gap will be filled with a gate.

Some Redcoats guarding the building site.
It will take a lot of space and I don´t know if it will be used for a battle Scenario but I do like it. :)