Saturday, December 31, 2011

How I build my fences

this will be my last post for 2011 and this one is about how I build my fences for 28mm AWI, FIW and SYW.

First of all to make things easier I just made up a little tool there the measurements for the fences are on. This helps me to get the right distances between the different layers of wood and also makes building the single fences much more faster.

My tool with different markers for the distances.

The first layer of wood,...

...the second one...

...and finally the last one.

The result after the three layers of wood. There´s also a 1mm thick plasticard ready for basing with the edges cut.

The fence on its base.

Now it´s time for putting sand on the base. To get a fine structure I use sand for birdcages.

A fence-base ready for painting and above another one already painted with "scorched brown" from GW.

The first drybrushed color ("graveyard earth").

The second and last drybrushed paint ("bleached bone").

The fence is now ready for getting flocked with different kind of greens and stones. I use different grasses and also flowers from "mini Natur". The green flock in the big box is a mixture of several flockings I found in my hobby boxes. In my opinion it´s better to use a mixture than to use a single kind of green. This looks quite better.

And here we go:  a new fence is done - ...

... done like the year 2011.

Have a good time this evening.

I wish you a happy new year.


Monday, December 26, 2011

Napoleonic Wars - British regiment of foot

Napoleonic Wars - British regiment of foot
Figures: Victrix, Perry
Scale: 28mm

And here´s another project I started just wanting to try how the hard plastic figures do fit with my style of painting. I got weak again and bought about 5-6 packs of napoleonic figures. I must be crazy.

Fences for my wargaming table

Fences for my wargaming table 

I hope you all had a good time at christmas and had been able to spend time with your families and also for our hobby.

During my holidays I´ll try to finish some projects I started  a few months ago. It´s horrible. I often start several projects and the daily business takes to much time. After work I seldom have the energy to get into my hobby room to get further with my projects. Thank good the holidays will last until January 8th.

Here is the first project I was able to finish.
As I´m not only interested in painting figures I also like building terrain for my gaming table. So I started to build up some fences suitable for 28mm figures. These fences could be used for AWI, FIW or SYW.

I started with 10 pieces and they surely won´t be the last ones. In fact for I was getting on very easy and fast I just modeled more and now there are another 10 pieces waiting for getting painted.

I always try to finish a single pattern (as I do with my models) to check what it looks like. It took me some time to get the right colors and to put on the green. Being happy with the result I finished the rest of the fences.

And here is what it looks like in "battle". 
A british regiment of foot in firefight with indians.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry X-Mas

Merry X-Mas to all of you and your families.
And a happy new year with enough time for our hobby.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Siebenjähriger Krieg: Österreich - Deutsche Artillerie

Seven Years War:   Austria - german artillery
Figures:  FrontRank
Scale:  25mm

Yes, they are finished. My first unit of artillery for my austrian army of the Seven Years War ist done.

There have been two different kinds of austrian artillery. This unit is painted after the german pattern. There have also been artillery units of the Netherlands which have been on duty in the austrian army. The difference between both is, that the units of the german patten had no red turnbacks, while the units of the Netherlands had.

Though my austrian army is growing slowly, it will grow more and more.

After Sam Mustafa has published that his new rule-system "Maurice" is going to be launched in summer 2012 some of my comrades decided to check the system as soon as it is available.

The only thing is, that no one of them is a real fan of the linear tactics and no one of them is as much impressed by the SevenYearsWar as I am.

And no one of them really collects the miniatures needed for this period. And all of them prefer 15mm scale.

So I was asked to build up some units for two armies. There should be at least one artillery unit, two or three infantry-regiments and of course one or two regiments of cavalry so that the game could be tested in a small scale. If the rules of "Maurice" work well, maybe there is a chance that my preferred period will be played more often.

I decided to build up the army of Austria and of course the army of Prussia. Those were the armies which were engaged at the most greater battles of the SevenYearsWar. Another reason for choosing these armies is that I already have finished two infantry regiments and now the artillery. Maybe you already know the two infantry units. You can find them on my blog, too.

As I often mentioned on my blog, I´m not a fast painter and the time I can spend for painting is not very much. So please keep your fingers crossed. There is still a long way to go for the finishing of the two armies.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.  :)


Thursday, October 6, 2011

WildWest-Building - No.01

WildWest-Building for "Rules with no name"
Company: Sarissa
Scale: 25/28mm

Here is my first WildWest-Building. I found them on ebay first. Later I got the website of the manufacturing company and recognized that ordering directly is much cheaper. The company is called Sarissa and you can find a link on my blog. Just have a look at the website of Sarissa. This won´t be my last building. I still have another one and surely will order more of these buildings within the next few weeks.

The building is one of the smaller sized models of Sarissa. The shown figure could be a model of Renegade. I painted it about ten years ago.

I chose to paint a barber shop. That´s quite funny because one of my comrads who also bought some of these models decided to paint a barber shop, too. But we didn´t knew that we had the same idea.

By the way, Michi chose to make a shop for S.Todd. My favourite was Paul Michell.

The fantastic barber shop of my comrad can be found on his blog, too. Here is the address:

Have fun watching his blog.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Fantasy - Two high-elves

Fantasy - Two high-elves

Figures: Games Workshop
Size: 28mm

Since it´s already three weeks ago that I posted some pictures I decided to show some photos of two elves I painted about two or three years ago.

I know that specialists also paint these figures in special uniforms and that there do exist own regiments.
But I thought this is fantasy and so I chose colours I preferred.

Sorry for the last two pictures being not in the right position. I had some difficulties with it.

That was just an excursion for my next project or unit could take me another two weeks to be painted and posted. Holidays are over and so the time for painting won´t be very much.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Siebenjähriger Krieg: Österreich - Freiregiment Loudon

Siebenjähriger Krieg: Österreich - Freiregiment Loudon (Part II)
Figures: FrontRank
Scale: 25mm

Today I managed to finish the Regiment Loudon from Austria serving during the SevenYearsWar.

I posted the first figures of this regiment on 18th January - this was the first part.
The second part is the finished formation, completely based and ready for action.

24 miniatures based for "Die Kriegskunst". I wonder if I will ever be able to play this game.
All of my comrades prefer 15mm. That´s not really my favourite scale. So I would have to build up two complete armies. Because of my speed in painting figures this will be a project for the next 10 years or even longer.

A view from the rear.

One close up.

Another close up.

And finally two photos of the command group flanked by two other stands.

Unfortunately tomorrow will be the last day of my holidays.
So maybe it will take a few weeks for the next post.

Let the dice roll and enjoy gaming.