Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Partizans at Dunkerque - A WWII skirmish

Last sunday I was able to join a real eye candy skirmish game.

Michi, Franz and I met at Christopher (aka Axebreaker) to play a scenario using the rules of DisposableHeros PointBlank. Personally not my preferred epoch, but you can´t get an impression of somethiing without trying.

Christopher was offering his home for gaming, Michi brought his figures and terrain with him and Franz was explaining the rules. I was responsible for eating and drinking many of the good things Christopher had offered to us. So everybody had a lot to do.  :)

Many thanks to my comrades for this really funny day especially to Michi, who has built up all of the terrain by himself (the ship is converted from a Playmobil ship) and also has painted all of the figures in a very very very.... good style. You can see a lot of other work from him on his blog called "tableterror" (just have a look on my link list).

The scenario was that the Germans had already occupied Dunkerque and some spies had taken a lot of photos concerning the harbor of the town. They spotted almost everything to become their planned attack a great victory for the Resistance. 

The plan of the French partizans and the English agents was to destroy the ship "Doreen" to unable the Germans to supply troops with goods which would arrive by train and 4 lorries on June 24th for loading the ship. If this would not be able the alternative for them was to catch the goods.

Here are some impressions of the game.

A German squad on patrol. The enemy could be everywhere.

French civilians.

The guy on the left hand of the photo is a British agent who just entried the scene by coming out of the canalization of Dunkerque. Immediately he started a heavy firefight with the sailors of the "Doreen".


The German sailors on the ship fired back with a heavy MG but weren´t able to get rid of the agent. The agent even won the firefight and managed to shoot the gunner of the HMG team before he was wounded and taken out of action by another sailor.


Meanwhile the other British agents had been able to capture one of the supply-lorries and started to drive down the street.


Alarmed by the heavy firefight at the ship a second German squad took cover on the roof top of the head quarter. From this point they had an ideal view over the whole terrain and started to fire at the captured lorry. Two well placed salves of the HMG destroyed the tires and even the lower hull with heavy hits. The lorry just blew up.

Because of too less time we didn´t manage to end this game, but it really had been a lot of fun.
In my opinion the fun factor of a game is not only depending on the chosen rulesystem but also very much on the quality of the painting of terrain, models and figures.

For me a game also has to be eyecandy.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Planning units for Maurice


During the last few days I just started to have a closer look at the rules of SamMustafas "Maurice". The system seems to be great fun though I haven´t played a game yet. I´m looking forward to do the first test game very soon. Probably someone of you already had the chance to play the game and could leave a short note about his impressions.

After having read the notes on the basing system I wanted to form a unit for Maurice with my already painted French regiment LaSarre.

I decided to get my bases generally 4cm in front and 5cm deep. The first reason for this size is because I already have based some units for "DieKriegskunst" like this (see my Austrian regiment Loudon or my Austrian Esterhazy hussars I´ve posted on my blog. The second reason is that cavalry wouldn´t have enough space on a size of 4x4cm. 

Before I got in contact with tabletop I was just painting figures for fun and used to base my single figures on 5cent-coins (Euros). A really stupid idea. I yet had to realize that my former basing system doesn't work for a front that measures 4cm. Two 5cent-coins next to each other are wider than 4cm. Sh.., ehm,  what a pity.

This meant that my already finished regiment couldn´t be based as easily as I wanted to.

So I started to fix two ready painted figures each on a single base directed in the way the following photos are showing.

This decision means that the unit has to get reinforcements to fill the gaps. Having a look at my stocks I noticed that there are only 3 fusiliers, one officer and one ensign missing to build up at least two complete regiments, each consisting of two battalions in the manner of Maurice. I just will have to repaint the lapels and collars of 8 finished soldiers from LaSarre into red instead of blue and I will get the next regiment Rouergue. And I´m a lucky one because I already have the relevant flags within my collection. :)

The missing figures will be ordered within the next few days. For it won´t be worth placing an order of 5 figures at FrontRank I´ll bet that Mr Alec Brown will have to send me much more figures. :)

The next pictures show the primed reinforcements for completing regiment LaSarre and starting regiment Rouergue.

And - tataaaah - yesterday I finished the first base filling the gaps with two new painted figures, recognizable by the missing coins.

The sanding and flocking will be done after having finished the painting on the missing minis.
Here you are.

To be continued.... (asap)


Friday, June 8, 2012

WildWest - Johnny "Reb" Williams with horse 

Manufacturer:  Wargames Foundry
Scale:   28mm

Within my last post the ACW-veteran Johnny "Reb" Williams introduced himself. 
Now this post shows him with his horse.
Please, feel free to give me some feedback. :)

Sorry, this picture is not very good.
I know that I will have to improve my skills of taking photographs.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WildWest - Johnny "Reb" Williams

Manufacturer:   Wargames Foundry
Scale:   28mm

Hi folks,

my name is Johnny "Reb" Williams.
I am the first citizen of the new town of "Three Oaks".
As you can see from my clothing I am a veteran of the American Civil War. 

During that war I fought within the Confederate infantry and so I did my duty on the right side against those damned Yanks.

Though we surely have been the tougher guys we couldn´t withstand the overwhelming resources of our northern enemies. 
Damn !

After the war I decided to become a headhunter. 
And yeah, my gun made me a wealthy man.

C U soon.

Johnny "Reb" Williams

Sunday, June 3, 2012

WildWest - "Three Oaks" is growing

Today I´m posting one of my WildWest buildings I´m working on at the moment. 
This one is a building of the series of "battle flag". 
They do fit very well with the buildings of "Sarissa" (see one of my older posts on the label "WildWest").
I decided to name my future Western town "Three Oaks".

There are only two buildings ready yet but both of them will see action this month.
Three friends of mine and I will meet on the 24th of June and are going to play a WildWest game.
This is a period I never played before and I´m very interested in how this experience will feel.

I´m sure that this event will become great because one friend taking part is Michi (have a look at his great blog called "TableTerror") who´s buildings and figures are just eye-candy.
Another friend (Franz) is also a great painter but unfortunately he doesn´t run a blog.
Last but not least the location this game will be started is at Christopher´s (aka Axebreaker) home.
He is a great painter, too, and his wonderful minis can be admired on his blog "BunkerHill".

But before the game will take place I have to paint some models for it. 
There are already six different characters on my painting table. 

Each character does exist twice. 
There is always a mounted and a unmounted variant. 
I´ve already started one character today and it is great fun to paint these guys.

I will show the result of the painted guys on my next posts.