Thursday, October 6, 2011

WildWest-Building - No.01

WildWest-Building for "Rules with no name"
Company: Sarissa
Scale: 25/28mm

Here is my first WildWest-Building. I found them on ebay first. Later I got the website of the manufacturing company and recognized that ordering directly is much cheaper. The company is called Sarissa and you can find a link on my blog. Just have a look at the website of Sarissa. This won´t be my last building. I still have another one and surely will order more of these buildings within the next few weeks.

The building is one of the smaller sized models of Sarissa. The shown figure could be a model of Renegade. I painted it about ten years ago.

I chose to paint a barber shop. That´s quite funny because one of my comrads who also bought some of these models decided to paint a barber shop, too. But we didn´t knew that we had the same idea.

By the way, Michi chose to make a shop for S.Todd. My favourite was Paul Michell.

The fantastic barber shop of my comrad can be found on his blog, too. Here is the address:

Have fun watching his blog.