Friday, November 4, 2011

Siebenjähriger Krieg: Österreich - Deutsche Artillerie

Seven Years War:   Austria - german artillery
Figures:  FrontRank
Scale:  25mm

Yes, they are finished. My first unit of artillery for my austrian army of the Seven Years War ist done.

There have been two different kinds of austrian artillery. This unit is painted after the german pattern. There have also been artillery units of the Netherlands which have been on duty in the austrian army. The difference between both is, that the units of the german patten had no red turnbacks, while the units of the Netherlands had.

Though my austrian army is growing slowly, it will grow more and more.

After Sam Mustafa has published that his new rule-system "Maurice" is going to be launched in summer 2012 some of my comrades decided to check the system as soon as it is available.

The only thing is, that no one of them is a real fan of the linear tactics and no one of them is as much impressed by the SevenYearsWar as I am.

And no one of them really collects the miniatures needed for this period. And all of them prefer 15mm scale.

So I was asked to build up some units for two armies. There should be at least one artillery unit, two or three infantry-regiments and of course one or two regiments of cavalry so that the game could be tested in a small scale. If the rules of "Maurice" work well, maybe there is a chance that my preferred period will be played more often.

I decided to build up the army of Austria and of course the army of Prussia. Those were the armies which were engaged at the most greater battles of the SevenYearsWar. Another reason for choosing these armies is that I already have finished two infantry regiments and now the artillery. Maybe you already know the two infantry units. You can find them on my blog, too.

As I often mentioned on my blog, I´m not a fast painter and the time I can spend for painting is not very much. So please keep your fingers crossed. There is still a long way to go for the finishing of the two armies.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.  :)