Friday, June 24, 2011

Rome - Roman triarius during the punic wars

Rome: Roman triarius during the punic wars
Figure: Xyston
Scale: 15mm

So I just did it again.
Other projects are still waiting to be finished and I can´t wait to start a new one. An old matter that surely everybody knows.

Today has been the last day of my holidays. The holiday started with my birthday and I got some very good books from my wife. One of these books is "Hail Caesar". It´s great and looks fantastic.
I also got "some" Xyston-Romans, too. I guess they are about 70 figures.

But I had no time to paint them during the holidays because the day after my birthday we started a trip to Sardinia for one week. Inspired by the history of this island, the figures and the new book I wasn´t able to keen on my other projects. I just had to paint at least one of these superb miniatures.

This panit-job was done today and this is one of my first painted 15mm-figures ever (I´ve only painted two prussians of the SYW and one macedonian Hoplite in this scale before).

The plan is to get an army for Armati so that I can send the Romans against the army of Carthago that has been built up by one of my friends. As you all know - Carthago lost all wars against Rome in the end (I´m sorry for that, ACW-Lover, but this will happen again).

But I´ll try to mix the paint-job with my projects left. Whenever I´m bored by painting the same uniform (maybe after 5-6 figures) I´ll work on the other project for a while.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

American War of Independence: British Army - 5th Rgt of Foot

American War of Independence:
British Army - 5th Regiment of Foot
Figures: Wargames Foundry
Flags: GMB Design

I finally finished my first unit for my planned British Army for the American war of Independence.
So I realized just one of the three projects I mentioned to finish in my last post of my blog.

Puuh, so there are still two projects left and I suppose that the date set for realizing all of this three projects will be failed.

This is the 5th regiment of foot.
This Regiment was also called "Royal Northumberland Fusiliers". Its nickname was "the shiners" because this regiment gave a smart appearance at an inspection in Ireland in 1769.
I hope the figures will do so aswell.

Unfortunately these photographs are not as good as they should be and I have to apologize for not having studied the art of photography. But I hope that you will be able to see some detail.

The photos have been taken in my painting room which is placed within the cellar of our house. Here I am able to relax from daily work.

The next photos show some close-ups from the single parts of the unit.

The command group.....

... the privates ...

... a sergeant giving orders ...

... and finally two pictures of my marker for losses.

I´m looking forward to create such markers for all of my units. In my opinion this gives a better look to wargames than e.g. simple coloured stones.

The very interesting story of this regiment can also be found on: