Saturday, March 3, 2012

SYW - Austrian Army: Hussar of the Regiment Nádasdy - WIP - Part 2

Figure:  Wargames Foundry
Scale:  28mm

Though the rest of the regiment isn't ready for action yet, I would like to show you the first completed figure with the finished pelisse that was missing in my former post.

And I´m very glad that I found another uniform plate showing this regiment. And it shows it right in the way I painted it. I found the plate in a Warrior-book from Osprey. The uniform is the same shown also by Funcken and another source that can be found on internet ( The only question is whether the different sources copied each other ?! But I won´t care about that too much because the combination of colors looks very nice.

And here´s my first finished hussar of that regiment.

The horses are already primed and based with the ground colors. The one in the first row is almost finished.

The other hussars are also already primed and also painted with the green ground color. As I wanted to test the use of "glazing medium" a friend of mine gave to me, I tried the effect of that medium on some pelisses.

I´m always afraid of painting cavalry because of the horses. But this time I enjoy this paint job very much.

May the dice be with you. ;)



  1. Looking like you have it all under control, how many would glue the pelisse on before starting to paint the figure.

    Looking forward to seeing them finished

  2. Incredible how accurate you paint - respect! It will be a unit of honour, it seems.
    What is this "glazing medium"? looks good!

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  4. Hi Peter,

    thanks for your comment. Nice to hear that you like my style of painting. :)

    The "glazing medium" is a kind of wash. It looks a little bit milky and you can mix it with any color you like. It works really good.

    Here is the official name:

    Vallejo Model Color patina No. 596 Glace medium:
    "Acrylic medium for glazes. Dilutes colors without losing adherence. Slows drying time. Mixed with color 50% results in glazes which settle in the folds, cracks and feature of the model."


  5. Lovely work. I must stay away from this period...too much to do now. Your painting is pulling me in !