Thursday, July 20, 2017

Hobby in general - Modular tiles for a gaming table - WIP - Part one


in my last post I showed some pictures of a selfmade terrain plate for Dead Man´s Hand.

But one plate is not enough and I always have the problem that I have to use some boards that have the wright color but not the wright size. It is always tricky to form a suitable gaming table.

So I decided to produce some more plates in 60x60cm of size that are modular and would be able to be arranged in different settings.

It is a try for I never did this before. In the last days I often made up my mind how to manage this project because I´m not a carpenter but a simple account manager.

I love to work with wood and I also like to create or build something in compensation to my daily business.

So here are the first results of this Work in Progress.

First of all I organized some mdf-plates of 60x60cm size and 1cm height. Also I bought some wood affords.
These wood affords are 1cm in depth and 3cm in height. I cut these affords into 59cm length.

Then I drilled some holes into the mdf-plates and fixed the cutted affords of 59cm with small screws.

Tadaaah !!! :)

As the affords are 59cm and the mdf-plate has 60cm length I just had to fix 4 of these affords.

It overlaps only once on each side.

The finished construction. But I wanted more....

I just measured 1,5cm from the top of the construction...

...and just 5cm from each edge.
After that I drilled a hole into the afford on the marked spots...
...and just fixed a magnet into the drilled holes.

I just had to be careful to fix the magnets in the wright way to be sure that the poles would not repel themselves.

Five new terrain plates ready for further construction.

It fits very well - :)

Next step is to glue tiles of 58x58cm styrodur in 4cm heigth.

PVA-glue - the best to fix the styrodur.

The filled frame....

There is one part of styrodur missing. So the DIY-shop will see me again tomorrow.

To be continued....



Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Terrain - a first plate for Dead Mans Hand


this is about a first try on a terrain module for Dead Mans Hand.
A few years ago I got the hill you can see in the plate from a decoration team which decorated small electronic stores for a company selling electrical shavers and things like that. The hill was part of a decoration showing a winter's landscape and used to be flocked with white snow.

After this long time that has passed since I got the hill I just got enough enthusiasm to get this piece of terrain ready to be useful for tabletop gaming. I decided to use it for Dead Mans Hand and gave it a touch of a kind of desert.

It used to be a hill with a top without a path going from the bottom to the top. I created the path and also the stones surrounding the hill. At first I used real stones. But after a few real stones I recognized that the terrain would get very heavy. So I mostly used the bark of a tree, glued it on the terrain, just sanded it a little bit and painted it in a sandy beige tone. After that it took some steps of drybrushing and washings. Finally the terrain was ready to be flocked with different kinds of grass and tuffs

It c analso be used for SAGA - The Crescent and the Cross.

I´ve got the plan to build 5 more pieces like that but with very soft hills or structure so the buildings can be placed on.

Just have a short look at it. :)


Sunday, June 25, 2017

New troops for Napoleonic Wars


a few months ago I´ve sent three units of French Napoleonic Cavalry to a painting service.

It is a unit of French Hussars, one unit of Cuirassiers and also one unit of Dragoons. I also accompanied  Napoleon himself.

The figures are Perry Miniatures, but I am not sure about Napoleon.

I just got the figures back about one week ago.

I like them very much but the camera did not work as I wanted it to do.

Hope that the pictures are doing well though.

Awarded Top 100 Miniature Blog

Thank you Anuj for the nomination.
I am proud to be authorized to put the logo on my blog.


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