Thursday, November 10, 2016

A new home for the hobby


Within the last weeks I had to work on the cellar just to tidy it up and bring some structure in my Daddy's former hobby room. He had a stroke almost exactly three years ago (9th of November 2013) and can't manage to get downstairs into his former hobby castle anymore where he used to do his own music. Meanwhile he also suffers from dementia and won't be able to practice his hobby.

After a long time I asked my mother if she would mind to allow me to tidy the room up and to use it for my hobby. Though I am also a musician playing in a band I didn't want to keep the room as it was before. You have to know that my father just had a lot of keyboards, guitars, tripods, CD's and all other things you could have in mind concerning music there in his room. I often wondered how he was able to move his body through this labyrinth of things for the whole room was just filled up with all these things.

My mother was facilitated that I would clean the room and help to sort all that stuff.

After I had done this I just started to build a cabinet on one wall that would cover all the things that I hadn't been able to sort until now finally. So I got some boxes to sort the things and hide them within the cabinet to make the room look more structured.

Now it was time to make a cupboard for my minis. Here is the result of my work of the last weekend. I am really proud of it as I am not a carpenter or something like that. I just got into a DIY-store
standing there and thinking about how the room could look like. With the vision I got in mind I just bought several things I needed and got into the new hobby room to start without a drawn plan or
something like that.

Hope you like it. ;)