Sunday, April 29, 2012

A long but very good day for the hobby - Part 3

Our trip to Ingolstadt and Ellingen was topped by a visit to another friend - Michi. 
It was my first visit at Michi´s house. 

I just couldn't believe my eyes. Though I saw several figures on his blog called TableTerror 
(just have a look on my link-list) 
seeing his figures in original just made me think of quitting the hobby. 

Just take a look at the following pictures. These are all 28mm figures and they are real eye-candy.

Unfortunately the battery of my camera had run empty after taking a few photos as I forgot to load it the day before.

But take a look at his blog by yourself. It´s really worth it.



A long but very good day for the hobby - Part 2

After our trip to Ingolstadt Franz and I made a visit to the Deutschordensritter-Museum in Ellingen.

Here you can see the battle of Tannenberg 1410 build up with about 2.500 - 3.000 flats. 

The battle of Tannenberg was a decisive battle between about 15.000 Teutonic Knights and a mixed army of Poland and Livonia with about 23.000 men.

In the end of the battle the Teutonic Knights lost and even the "Großmeister" was killed.

Here is a short report on the battle in german.

A very interesting epoch with a lot of good-looking uniforms. I just considered to order the new hard plastic sets of Fireforge. I hope that I can resist this temptation.



A long but very good day for the hobby - Part 1

Today a very good friend of mine called Franz and myself took a trip to Ingolstadt. Ingolstadt is about in the middle between Munich and Nuremberg and is the home of the well-known cars of the brand AUDI.

But Ingolstadt is also the home of the Bavarian Army Museum. If you ever come to this beautiful town a trip to this museum is a must-be.

The museum shows a lot of exponates of weapons and uniforms over several centuries. You can also have a look at a very huge diorama with flats showing the battle of Leuthen, where Frederick the Great won against the Austrians in December 1757. 

The museum also has a second part with a special exhibition concerning the Great War. This exhibition is not in the castle but you could reach it within 10 minutes by foot.

Here is a link to the website of the museum:

This weekend there is a fair or exhibition called "Herzog von Bayern" within the museum. It has a special room with traders selling books, figures, paints, buildings and so on. There is also a painting competition with different standards. Some traders and painters also do different workshops and show how to paint or how to build own moulds. So it is very interesting on this fair. I was able to get in contact with a manufacturer of moulds and I will keep this contact for sure as I want to become my wish come true to get my own figures in 28mm to get some special poses the market doesn´t offer yet.

Here are some impressions of the traders´ room:

This tower is about 30cm high and fits accurately with 28mm figures. 

It is a laser cut model and will be available in about two months. 

The producer is planning to create further houses in that style and a suitable town wall.

This is the best laser cut model I have ever seen.

These are some dioramas of the manufacturer Hecker&Goros. The figures are 54mm.

Another diorama of Hecker&Goros. I have seen these dioramas already  about ten times at several shows or fairs like the "Zinnfigurenbörse" in Kulmbach. But they are always eye-candy.

Hecker&Goros the third.

Even though it was only a one-man-show - this reenactor of the bavarian regiment Preising was impressive. 

Unfortunately I wasn´t able to make better photos as the light in the room wasn´t very good and this guy wasn´t able to stand still either. Grrrr.

And here are some photos of the painting competition. 


A diorama with 54mm showing a scene during the age of the three musketeers.

A closer look.

One of my favorites. Good old Master Yoda. "May the force be with you".

Very nice works on 30mm flats.

I think this very cool diorama was in 28mm.

And this figure is also 28mm. I hardly could´t believe that. 

This was the first part of our today´s trip.

The second part will be put into another post on my blog.