Wednesday, June 22, 2011

American War of Independence: British Army - 5th Rgt of Foot

American War of Independence:
British Army - 5th Regiment of Foot
Figures: Wargames Foundry
Flags: GMB Design

I finally finished my first unit for my planned British Army for the American war of Independence.
So I realized just one of the three projects I mentioned to finish in my last post of my blog.

Puuh, so there are still two projects left and I suppose that the date set for realizing all of this three projects will be failed.

This is the 5th regiment of foot.
This Regiment was also called "Royal Northumberland Fusiliers". Its nickname was "the shiners" because this regiment gave a smart appearance at an inspection in Ireland in 1769.
I hope the figures will do so aswell.

Unfortunately these photographs are not as good as they should be and I have to apologize for not having studied the art of photography. But I hope that you will be able to see some detail.

The photos have been taken in my painting room which is placed within the cellar of our house. Here I am able to relax from daily work.

The next photos show some close-ups from the single parts of the unit.

The command group.....

... the privates ...

... a sergeant giving orders ...

... and finally two pictures of my marker for losses.

I´m looking forward to create such markers for all of my units. In my opinion this gives a better look to wargames than e.g. simple coloured stones.

The very interesting story of this regiment can also be found on:



  1. The unit looks just fantastic!! Looking forward to seeing more!:-)


  2. Thanks, Chris.
    I hope that the next unit won't take too long to be finished. :)
    I still have in mind that we want to play a game.