Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Building a rocky little piece of terrain - Tutorial No2

So, here I am again with part two of my little tutorial.

After the milky mixture of white glue and water had dried out I just gave the bark a primer with "fortress grey" from GamesWorkshop.

I let this paint dry again for several hours. 
The next step was to dry brush the rocks with GW´s "skull white". 
One could use several steps of dry brushing starting with a very dark grey and work forward to at least white. 
But I didn´t because the result was fine enough in my opinion.

Just two closer pictures of the dry brushed rocks.

As you can see I only painted the structure of the stones yet.

The following is to give paint to the sanded areas. I used GW´s "scorched brown". 

To avoid that the different tones of brown will blur while dry brushing I will have to be patient again. The primer of "scorched brown" now has to dry again for several hours.

The third part of the tutorial will show you the next steps.
Today I found a very good video on YouTube.
If you are interested - here is the website:


To be continued....




  1. Just got back from visiting the US and I see your adding more terrain to your collection. Real nice tutorial.


  2. Hi Chris,
    nice to hear that you are back again. I hope you had a nice trip to the States. :)
    And thanks for your compliment.