Monday, October 1, 2012

OperationSquad & BlackPowder - two very good games


Yesterday we (these are my comrades Franz and Valerio and me) had a great time at our friend´s (Christopher´s) home. 
It was again a full day of pleasure playing great games and enjoying superb hospitality.

The first impression we got was this wonderful prepared battlefield.
We expressed a big "Wow" as we entered the holy halls of Christopher.

This was the table there our two planned games would have been set in scene.
The tower in the middle was the object for both games.
Please have a closer look at this wonderful tower on the blog of Christopher

The first game was OperationSquad. 
Except Christopher we never played this ruleset before.
We used to play DisposableHeroes a several times and had been very excited to get to know the difference between both systems.
We had a squad of American paratroopers and a squad of German Wehrmacht.
One of the aims was to place figures within the tower.
So both sides placed their figures to get really fast into the object and also to be able to fire at the enemies trying to do this.

Here are some pictures of this game.

The American forces take place.

Using the hedge for cover and hiding.

The Germans hiding within the woods.

German soldiers preparing to run for taking the tower.

A German MG42-team and a sniper taking position.

Maybe you can see the German soldier?

Meanwhile an American paratrooper tried to get over another hedge to run to the tower.

We ran out of time to finish this very fascinating game of OperationSquad.
We all enjoyed the system.
But as we also wanted to test another BlackPowder game, we changed the period.
We chose a small battle during the FIW.
Taking a closer look at the units you will recognize that the French had Austrian allies and the British and their militia troops are from the time of the AWI. 
As we didn´t have enough historical correct units we had to mix up a little bit.
But we just wanted to try the game´s mechanism.
So if you should worry about that just imagine this was a battle between two imagi-nations.

Again, the object was the tower. 
Also the two crossroads would count as victory-points.

Again some impressions.

Again the day has gone too fast.
But as always it has been a great pleasure and we all had a wonderful time.
Many thanks once again to Christopher.
May the next date for gaming won´t last too long.



  1. After I done cleaning up I realized I forgot to take pictures!!!!:-(

    I'm happy you did so there is a record of us playing and you did a very nice job!

    It's great having all you guys over and I'm really looking forward to our next gaming session!:-)


  2. Two great looking games, the terrain looks very nice, and Chris tower is certainly something to admire.

  3. Great pictures, games look stunning all around.

  4. Wow! A great looking table and very nice miniatures! That's what wargaming should look like.

  5. Looks like you guys had a great time and with such a good looking table and figues so you should.


  6. Many thanks for your nice comments. :)

  7. This is a fantastic terrain - respect, Axebreaker!! Very funny to see the 18. century fighting against the Landsknechts, it seems - I like that! And your pictures are marvellous, well chosen in the standpoint and perspective!