Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013 - Plans for the hobby

Happy New Year everybody.

As it is always a kind of ritual to think about the projects to realize within the new year I also made up my thoughts.

Again the differnt aims are very ambitious and I wonder if I will be able to fulfill the plans.
Once a very wise man said that every long journey or in my case every big project starts with the first step.

The first day of the fresh year enabled me to finish the markers for BlackPowder.
A very small project but it's finalized now.
So the first step is done and there are at least another 364 days left to keep on the other projects. ;)

And here are my plans:

15mm projects:
- complete the roman republican army though I'm not painting them by myself
- complete the macedonian army also being painted by Krisztian from Hungary

28mm projects:
- learn more about the following rulesystems
    - BlackPowder
    - Hail Caesar
    - Impetus
    - Pike&Shotte
    - Maurice (I was happy to hear that my friend Christopher aka Axebreaker will give it another      
    - Muskets & Tomahawks
    - OperationSquad
- work on the painting projects
    - paint some more Austrian units for SYW
    - paint also some more French units for SYW
    - start with the Prussians for SYW
    - work on the British troops for Muskets&Tomahawks
    - paint units for Republican Roman Army (Christophers antiques need some enemies)
    - do some Japanese for OperationSquad
    - let my Perry Plastics concerning ACW being painted by Krisztian (42 Zouaves will be sent to
      him this week)
- build some terrrain for the Pacific scenarios for OperationSquad.

As you can see  -  a lot of things to do.

Let's do the next step tomorrow.




  1. Great list Mike and not surprisingly very similar to my own! I of course wish you the greatest success!

    Happy New Year!


    1. Happy New Year, Christopher.
      As I already wrote on your blog - we share very similar interests. ;)

  2. good plans for 2013 I too will be busy with SYW. Looking forward to following your progress
    Peace James

  3. Thanks, James. Nice to recognize that the SYW has a lot more fans I ever thought.

  4. Happy New Year Mike! Looking forward to see how your projects unfold in 2013.

  5. Happy New Year to you too and best wishes on your 2013 projects. Dean