Wednesday, April 23, 2014

SYW - Austrian Army - Fusiliers and Grenadiers of my own range

Manufacturer:  Dreispitz Miniatures
Scale:  28mm

Hi fellows,

again a lot of time had past by since my last post. But today I want to show you a lot of pics of some figures Krisztian painted up for me. Normally I like to paint my SYW-stuff on my own but this year I wanted to get some figures of my own range ready painted to show them on Tactica in Hamburg in order to sell some figures. As I´m a slow painter I sent them to Krisztian who did a very good job and the miniatures had been ready just in time. Unfortunately I wasn't able to drive to Tactica because of my second job that is playing in a band.

After moving to another place and getting the flat tidy and livable I just managed now to get the figures on their bases. I again decided to base four figures on bases 4cm wide an 5cm deep. Four bases are presenting a unit to use them for the formidable rules of "Maurice" from SamMustafa.

My range only has eight different poses: 
Grenadiers kneeling firing, standing firing, kneeling presenting arms, standing presenting arms.
Fusiliers kneeling firing, standing firing, kneeling presenting arms, standing presenting arms.

Krisztian painted up 4 of each type and I mixed two stands of each Grenadiers and Fusiliers so two units could be built.

So here they are.
Hope you like them. ;)

If someone of you is interested in buying some unpainted figures of my range please contact me by sending a comment including your mail-address and I will send you an e-mail back. 
One figure is 1,40 €.

Here is also a figure of a Fusilier I painted on my own. It shows the Bavarian regiment Minucci.



  1. The figures look great Mike to include the painting and sculpts themselves! I really enjoyed seeing them in person Saturday and hope to see more of them in the future.


    1. Hi Christopher,
      Thank you.
      So another two units for our SYW project for Maurice.
      The next unit will be a French one or a first Prussian unit.

  2. Fantastic! Both the sculpts, themselves, as well as the brushwork are outstanding. The character presented by both the sculpting and painting on the firing musketeers is jaw-droppingly good.

  3. Thank you very much, Johnathan.

  4. Very nice pieces. Please send me details

    1. Hi again,

      I can't find a mail address I could send some information. Could you please send me your address.

  5. Having seen them on the weekend in the flesh I have to agree. Krisztian has done a great job as well as you on your Bavarian.

  6. Splendid figures, the paint job is excellent, as the these minis!

  7. Dear Mike,

    I am interested in getting some of your figures - very impressed with them.



  8. Dear Mike,

    I also am interested in your figures. Please send details.



  9. Hi, Mike. Do you know how your figures match up to Black Hussar's? They look like they could have been sculpted by the same guy. In any case, I am very interested in adding them to my collection. I need to replace my Crusader Austrians with yours! Additional information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

    Tom Dye in Stuttgart

  10. Bit of thread resurrection here - are these the figures available from Hagen Miniatures and did you do command for them? I'm looking for figures that I can use for 1740s Austrians and these look the part more so than other ranges. Nice work!