Sunday, January 4, 2015

CRISIS in Antwerp - Pictures from the show


okay, last CRISIS had been in November 2014, but I took some photographs there that I wanted to present on my blog.

The T.S.O.A. (Tin Soldiers of Antwerp) ( did a great job, so the show was great again and Franz, Gerhard, Walter and me enjoyed our trip very much, sleeping two nights in Antwerp, visiting some pubs, having a game of "Ronin" in the hotel´s breakfast lounge on saturday evening after the show had closed and spending "some" money on our hobby.

We went back home on sunday and again we connected the visit of the show with another trip to a museum. But this will be a theme for the next post.

This post will show you some impressions of the CRISIS 2014. The photos mostly show dioramas and things of my special interests and do not show all games. You will find a lot of photos showing a wooden fortress of the FIW that I would like to build on my own, too. So I took some more photos just to get inspiration and help for the project. (I´m just a dreamer)

If you are interested on more pictures concerning the show you should visit the homepage of T.S.O.A. or search the web or the different hobby forums. You can also find some videos on youtube. Just look for "Crisis Antwerp 2014".




  1. There seems to have been quite some great stuff on display there.

  2. Yes, Nick.
    But the pictures only show a little part of all the displays.